• 6th Grade Integrative Science

    Daniel Walls

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    6th Grade Integrative Science

    Course Description for Second Semester: For the final quarter and remainder of second semester we will be covering topics related to Earth’s water and atmosphere, as well as Earth’s air and water circulation.  Our goal is to use science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and cross curriculum concepts in order to explain the events surrounding the transference of energy between these phenomena, and how humans can affect/be effected by these phenomena.


    Course Objectives:  Over the course of the unit we will work to answer the following questions,

    • What is the best design for a maglev train?  
    • How does air move on Earth? What guides its currents?
    • How dooceanic circulation occur? How does energy and matter flow in Earth’s oceans? 
    • How is energy involved in changing water’s state and how is water constantly moving all over Earth (i.e. rain or snow storms, etc.)
    • Should we build a dam?
    • What factors and how do they influence weather?
    • How can we use data and patterns from the past to make predictions about weather?
    • How is climate different from weather? How can two regions in same part of the world have different climates?
    • What influences monsoon season in Southwestern United States?


    Assignments come in a variety of formats.  The students are given Do-Nows daily, where the students are asked questions about previously covered material, or are asked questions about the work of the day in order to pre-assess their previous knowledge.  Students also receive points for classwork competed in the class setting and may also come in the form of tests and/or quizzes.

    Late Assignments:

    Late assignments must be completed within the week given.  If assignments are not complete students may request that the assignment be given again, but must complete the assignment before missing work resubmission days which are assigned by the district.  If a student is absent from school work for those days will be provided upon request.  Students will be given extra time as determined by teacher depending on the length of absence and the amount of work the student will need to make up.


    Grading Criteria:  Grades will be based on the combination of class work (35%), class participation (20%), homework (15%), tests/quizzes (15%), and projects (15%).


    A   90% - 100%

    B   80% - 89%

    C   70% - 79%

    D   60% - 69%

    F     0% - 59%

    Classroom Routines and Procedures:

    • Coming into Classroom
      • Students should enter classroom in line quietly. Upon entering classroom students are to get the appropriate materials to complete the “do now” including but not limited to a small sheet of paper and something to write with.  Students should bring materials to class and be prepared once entering the room.
    • Assigned Seats
      • Students are to sit in assigned seats unless they are instructed to do otherwise. Students should also remain in seats and are not to be moving around the classroom without permission from the teacher.
    • Tardiness/Absences
      • Students are given five minutes time in-between classes to get from one class to the next. Students who arrive to class after the five minutes have passed are tardy.  Anyone who is more than ten to fifteen minutes late to class can be marked as absent.  Multiple absences and tardis on a consistent basis, chronic tardiness/absences are means for an office referral.
      • It is the students’ responsibility to check in with me to collect late/absent work. The student should see me either during the first five minutes of class or the last five minutes of class to receive the missing work.  If a student needs to make up a quiz or a test arrangements can be made during the first 10 minutes of lunch to find an alternative time for the student to complete their test or quiz.
    • Turning In Assignments:
      • Assignments are to be turned in to the tray once completed. Only if a student is told explicitly to put the assignment somewhere else or to hand it directly to Mr. Walls should the assignment be placed anywhere else.
      • All assignments should contain the appropriate heading with their name, travel group name, date, and the name of the assignment.