• Rubric: Short Story (Student Friendly)

    The purpose of this document is to clarify the expectations for each aspect of the short story. This provides transparency to my grading process and information in regard to what each score reflects within a student's writing.

    I have provided this page as an electronic copy available to view by both students and parents if a paper copy is unavailable. 

    All students received a paper copy of this rubric by 9.4.19.

    Each student will be given feedback for their writing on this rubric.

    Students should receive their feedback on 9.26.19 and 9.27.19.

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  • Example: Excellent

    The purpose of this document is to demonstrate an excellent example of a student-written short story. 



    "My name is Richard. My owner never gave me a last name." 

    I'm immediately hooked, and it gives the reader direction that the narrator is owned as if they were property.


    This story demonstrates the struggle of a person who believes they have value versus society that does not. The conflict escalates to the narrator only, while other people in society overlook that person's value. "Robotically, I continued to help the white passengers onto the rafts. The icy water numbed my feet. Yet, as I carried passengers to life rafts, I yearned to be in their position."

    Narrative Techniques!

    Suspense is added here, because the main character wants this boy to recognize that they are both human beings, both equally deserving to live. 

    A voice I recognized replied back, “Okay! I’m coming!” The boy who had beaten me two days ago jerked the door open. We locked eyes and exchanged looks of hatred.

    After what seemed like an eternity, I told him, “Get into the life rafts. They’re at the end of the corridor.”


    This writer demonstrates a willingness to take a risk- to end with society overcoming the desire of Richard to be valued. As a reader, I have to be willing to see this very sad ending and take away meaning from it- that people have value whether or not society recognizes them as valuable. However, it does push back against what I may feel is right (I think society should change)- and that makes me continue to consider this ending. When an ending stays with you, and continues to make you think about it, that is what I consider to be a thoughtful ending.

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  • Short Story Peer Review

    The purpose of this document is to make available to all students and parents the document which we will use for peer review during class on Sept. 16th and 17th during class. Students are to bring their drafts (they should be willing to revise them) to class on those two days. 

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  • Images to spark ideas

    The purpose of this document is to include the images that the Springboard text suggest to use as inspiration for short story writing. 

    Please note that you can find any of these images and more by searching the phrase "Chris Van Allsburg Illustrations".

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  • Sparking Ideas for Short Story

    The purpose of this document is to provide students with options when they are stuck in writing a short story. Since we have a diverse group of students, some need more support than others in coming up with "good" ideas! This exercise is not required, but it could help. 

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  • Rubric: Short Story (Springboard text)

    The purpose of this document is to give more detail in case the student friendly rubric was unclear. This is the exact same wording from the Springboard book text. If you notice, the student friendly rubric is aligned to this rubric.

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