Magnetic Field

Unit 12 Electromagnetism

  • IB 11.3 Capacitance Jan 28 Agenda - Capacitance, Adding Capacitors, Energy of Capacitors, Charging Capacitors, Discharging Capacitor, Time Constant, Exponential decay

    IB 11.3 Capacitance Jan 30 Agenda - Homework Review and Prep for Guest Lecture

    Jan 31 Bioelectricty Application Guest Lecturer Stan Misler's Presentation about the Neural Action Potential from an electrical circuit perspective.

    Feb 4 Agenda - IA Project Presentations for peer feedback

    IB 5.3 Batteries Feb 6 Agenda - More from Stan, Electromotive Force, Ideal Batteries, Real Batteries, Capacity, Types of Batteries, Recharging 

    IB 5.2 and 5.4 Magnetism Feb 11 Agenda - Potential Dividers, Magnetism, Sources of Magnetism, Right-hand-grip rule (2 versions), Magetic force, Magnetic flux density, Right-Hand-Rule (3 forms)

    IB 8.1 and 11.1 Motional EMF Feb 13 Agenda - Magnetic force on current carrying wires, Induced emf, connections to Power stations

        1 Fossil Fuels

        2 Nuclear Energy

        3 Solar Energy

        4 Hydroelectric Energy

        5 Wind Energy

    IB 8.2 Energy Transfer Feb 18 Agenda - Conduction of Heat, Black Body Radiation, Albedo, Greenhouse effect, Earth's Energy Balance

    Feb 20 Agenda - Review 

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