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    Posted by Jessica Cole on 3/23/2020 5:00:00 AM

    To keep our students moving forward and to hopefully make your life easier as we weather the storm together I have a list of resources  and places you can go for resources. 


    Students will always have access to the digital resources we use in class. Often times their usename and password are the same as their Star username and password.  If students are struggling to log in or don't remember please message me on dojo, email me at Jessica.cole@slps.org, text or call 314.312.2728 and I should be able to tell you what their username and password is, send you a pdf version of their login sheet, or reset their password so they can continue to access all of the sites that we use regularly. 

    Sites that we use regularly are

    Raz kids: app available or  Kidsa-z.com  Teacher username  jcole1464    During normal school days students are expected to read a minimum of 15 minutes in Raz kids. we read and then take a comprehension quiz about what we read. If you would like a parent account so you can see their activity, please send me your email address.  You can also create free home accounts for the next 90 days so if you have other children in your family that can benefit from this site, you can sign them up as well. 

    Mobymax.com/Mo1192  I can create assignments on Mobymax and there are self paced learning opportunities here. Students should work on fact fluency daily.

    Pearsonrealize.com This is our math program. I will create daily assignments in here for the class. 

    Spellingcity.com  Kids love going here for the games. I will have assignments in here to help support vocabulary and writing. 

    Writingcity.com  This is another place kids love to go to write. They can take self paced lessons as well as free write and complete assignments. 

     Noredink.com This will be a new site for the kids, but it's GREAT!  Their usernames are the star username and everyone's password is 1234567.  There are assignments  already posted there. Try it out!

    discoveryeducation.com   This is another new site for them to access on a student level, but we have used it in class. I have assinged a virtual field trip.  Their usernames and passwords are  the same as the star usernames and passwords.



    For printable resources, you can go to a lot of places that I would go. Most places you have to sign up for a free account. All sites will have resources that are free as well as resources for which you would be charged. Look for the free stuff!

    Carsondelosa.com - They have March and April resources that are free.

    Teacherspayteachers.com Tons of teacher made resources. Stick with what's free!


    There are more of course, but there is a lot of information here.   Of course you can also read with them or ask them who, what, where, why types of questions. Have them write about their reading and  then read that to you to start a discussion.  







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  • Covid-19 Updated information

    Posted by Jessica Cole on 3/23/2020 5:00:00 AM
    Update:  Here is the district link for the covid-19 information. Please be safe and I hope to see you soon. https://www.slps.org/Page/46209 
    As we're dealing with unprecidented times, one of my top priorites is to keep students safe and moving forward with their academic goals. The district is passing out work packets for students during breakfast and lunch at the schools the week of March 23.  If you don't want to come out,  you can also go to the distrcit website and get a pdf version here .
    If you need to reach me and do not have classdojo, you can call or text 314.312.2728. This is my google voice business account.  If I don't answer, please leave a message and I will return your message as soon as I can. 
    If you are not already connected through classdojo, please do so now. Dojo will have the latest information and it is an easy way to communicate.  I will have to send you a personal code, or you can create an account at Classdojo.com You will need an email address.  Click the search for your school link and type in Lexington. Make sure to click the link that says Lexington Elementary and has the address of 5030 Lexington. Click Join this school.  Search for  Mrs. Cole's Class and send a request to join.   Currently there are 15 of our 33 families connected through dojo. I hope everyone will join us!
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