• Open House

    Posted by Kelly Walsh on 8/26/2020

    Hello Tiger Family!


    Our Virtual Open House is this Friday at 2pm! Please check out the Welcome video to see your amazing Principal and teachers. We cannot wait to see your smiling faces.


    Artfully Yours,

    Miss Walsh <3

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  • Summer Resources

    Posted by Kelly Walsh on 5/21/2020

    Hello Artists!


    Congratulations on completing the 2019-2020 school year, complete with 7 weeks of online learning! What a journey it has been and I am very sad not to be there to see you off to summer fun! 


    Please, be safe, have fun, keep learning, and come back to me in August!! Below, I have linked an interactive Choiceboard with lots of fun art Youtube channels. There are a ton of drawing and art activity ideas on each channel...enough for the entire summer and then some! Enjoy.


    Youtube Channel Choice Board


    Artfully Yours,

    Miss Walsh <3

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  • Video Alert!

    Posted by Kelly Walsh on 4/27/2020

    Video Alert

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  • Microsoft Teams

    Posted by Kelly Walsh on 4/16/2020

    Hello Artists!


    I have posted work for you on Microsoft Teams. This is the virtual learning platform we will be using to finish the remainder of the school year. You can access Microsoft Teams by navigating to portal.office.com and using your school email address to login. From here, you will discover you are already part of your class's Team. This is where you can find assignments and communicate with your teachers. You can send me pictures of your art as well.


    I created an infographic explaining our new procedures for art class. I will post new weekly activities and assignments on Monday mornings at 8am. You may complete these at any time, even though they have a suggested weekly due date to keep you on track. If you'd like additional work ideas, or would like to show me any of your art, you can send me these through Teams. 

     Weekly Procedures


    Teams is very challenging to learn, as most new things are! We are here to talk to you and help you in anyway; please contact me through email, by phone, or on Teams! I miss you all very much and hope you are safe, happy, healthy, and feeling creative. Check back for more updates!


    Artfully Yours,

    Miss Walsh <3

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  • Office Hours

    Posted by Kelly Walsh on 4/10/2020

    office hours

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  • Assignments and Teams

    Posted by Kelly Walsh on 4/3/2020

    Hello Artists!


    I hope you are all healthy, happy, and safe! Remember, there are several schools open for meal pick ups. While there, you can grab a work packet. 


    If you haven't done so, please take the technology needs survey locate on the district homepage. This will help the district provide you and your family with the necessary technology resources to continue with your school work. If you haven't noticed an update to my page, you will see there is now an "Assignments" tab. If you click it, there are three weeks worth of art making lessons and activities for you to complete! Once we officially begin our online learning, you will be able to access more assignments and a discussion board in Microsoft Teams. You will hear about that very soon if you haven't already been using Teams in your classrooms. 


    I miss you all very much and have been trying to stay busy at home with my animals and my art supplies. I know the art supplies miss you and can't wait to be put to use again :) If you or your family need to get in touch with me, or anyone else at school, you can email me anytime at kelly.walsh@slps.org! Soon, you will be able to message with me on Teams...I am so excited to hear from you!!!!!! Until then, I will be thinking of you all <3


    Miss Walsh

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  • Closure Extended

    Posted by Kelly Walsh on 3/24/2020

    School Closure Annoucement

    Hello Artists,


    I have some additional sad news to share with you. We will be extending our break until after April 22. While I am so very sad to be away from the art room and you all, we must stay safe and continue practicing social distancing! Again, just because we can't be together doesn't mean you can't create art!


    I have been staying busy with my dog and cat, as always :), but I have also been fighting boredom by making art and reorganzing my art supplies. I have my very own stack of coloring books I've been working on; maybe I will share my creations soon. 


    Remember, if you don't have the art supplies we have at school, you can still make amazing art. Get very creative and reuse recyclables to make new things. Don't have scissors? Tearing and ripping works. Don't have tape or glue? Think about other ways we've learned to attach papers together, like weaving and folding!! Missing painting as much as I am but don't have any paint? Dig out your old, dried up markers, stick them upside down in a cup of water, and make your own watercolors. And as always, never forget, you can make amazing work with just a pencil.


    Happy creating and again, I miss you all <3<3

    -Miss Walsh

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  • COVID-19 Updates

    Posted by Kelly Walsh on 3/22/2020

    Hello artists and families!


    I hope this message finds you well. I miss you all and hope to see you as soon as possible. In the meantime, I hope you are staying safe and healthy, practicing social distancing, washing your hands :), and staying happy! Just because we cannot be together doesn't mean you can't make art. I will be adding activities and art making ideas here to keep you busy and creative. 


    If you haven't heard, Laclede is open Monday through Friday from 8am to noon for grab-and-go meals! When you're there, you can pick up packets of work to complete while we are out of school and practicing safe social distancing. A chart listing schools with meal service


    Don't worry about not having all the art supplies we have in our art room at school. You can create amazing masterpieces with a pencil and any paper materials you can find. Don't forget to be creative...junk mail, old newspaper, and packing materials work if no drawing paper is available. 


    Check back for updates soon, artists! Until we meet again, I miss you all!!!!!!!!!


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