Summer Learning


    Mrs. Mitchell's: ELA-Using the S.T.E.A.L strategy to analyze themain characters thoughts, words,

                                     and actions.

                             Writing- Developing a draft fron prewriting by sequencing into clear and cohearent 

                                          sentences, generating paragraphps with one main idea creating 

                                          beginning, middle, and end.

                            Social Studies- Analying how people are affectected, depend and adapt to 

                                                     thier physical enviornments.

    Mrs. Carnes: Grade 4- Adding and Subtracting whole numbers within 1 million


                        Grade 3- Adding and Subtracting whole numbers with 3 digits


    Mrs. Perez: ELA- Character Traits.

                       Writing - Completing one paragraph.

                       Math - Working with equal groups as a basis for muliplication