Overview of Objectives

  • Reading Objectives 

    • Read kindergarden sight words
    • identify upper and lowercase letters and sounds
    • Read Level A-D books
    • Read the book 3 ways; read the pictures, read the words, and retell the story
    • Idenitfy and create rhymes.
    • Differentiate between fiction and non-fictions texts.
    • Compare and contrast characters 
    • Identify settings and key details in a text.
    • Sequence events in a story; beginning, middle, and end
    • Read daily!!!


    Writing Objectivties

    • hold writing utensil correctly
    • spell sight words correctly
    • use correct spacing
    • writing is legible
    • use inventive spelling
    • Draw and label pictures
    • Write at least three sentences on a given topic.
    • Use capitlization and puncuation.


    Science Objectivies

    • Describe objects by shape, size, and color
    • Predict what will happen when an ojbect moves.
    • Explain how gthe sun heats up the earth.
    • Model the pattern of the sun.
    • Explain the weather in different seasons.
    • Observe wather patterns.
    • Explain why animals live in a specific home.
    • Tell the basic needs of plants and animals.
    • Find ways to make things better.


    Social Studies Objectivies

    • Learn why rules are important
    • Follow rules at school. 
    • Listen to others why they are speaking.
    • Share with others 
    • Solve conflicts peacefully
    • Study famous people
    • Respect others
    • Learn to have empthy and cultural sensitivity
    • Read a map key and find location on a map.


    Math Objectivies

    • use of manipulatives
    • Digital learning
    • Games that promote criticalthinking and use of problem solving
    • Fact fluency tests
    • Counting practice daily
    • Subsitizing practice
    • Number talks with image
    • Calender math