• Ms. Haleigh Grass

    Ms. Grass

    This is my second year teaching K-8 Special Education at NCNAA. I have also worked in Buder Elementary, Long Middle, and Oak Hill Elementary throughout these two years. I went to Murray State University and received a degree in Learning and Behavior Disorders with an emphasis in Elementary Education. I hope to further my education related to ESOL students in the future. 

    I decided to become a teacher because I never related to any of my teachers. I was a good student that just got by. I want to take the time to create those long lasting relationships with my students and make them feel important. 

    When I’m not teaching, I like to stay active. I participate in 5k’s around STL with friends. When I’m not being active you can find me at home watching Netflix with some Chinese takeout. 

    I hope to create meaningful relationships with my students and provide a safe environment to learn in. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at haleigh.grass@slps.org.


    My favorites: 

    Color: different everyday! 

    Movie: The Fight Club or Shrek

    Activity: Going for a run/walk

    Food: Chinese

    Animal: Dogs!

    Drink: Iced Coffee and Coke Zero

    Snack: Skinny Pop

    Ice cream flavor: Birthday Cake

    TV show: New Girl