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    Here are some handy-dandy resources. Most are those which students have used in class in 3rd & 4th grade at Humboldt.                                                                           

    ** Please contact me via email if you need your sign on information: Michelle.Bardot@SLPS.org.  Teams sign-ons were provided to you by the district via email.

    Accessing Microsoft Teams: If you need help, please view this document: Teams Student User Guide

    Here's a tutorial about how to submit class assignments: submit assignments

    For parents/guardians (also good for students to watch) - how to use Teams on the iPad app: https://youtu.be/uZ-iOYisWIQ
    For students - how to use Teams to complete and turn in assignments: https://youtu.be/MSesAK1rBW4

    OK, now, by subject (while we use these for a particular subject, some have mutiple subjects available):


    • Sumdog:  https://www.sumdog.com  Contact me via email for your username and password
    • IXL:  ixl.com (sign-on info is unique to each student)
    • Pearson/EnVision Math:  pearsonrealize.com
    • Renaissance (this is STAR testing): link
    • Renaissance- NEW- Freckle learning activities:  link  The class code is BARDOF  (I know, but that's how they make it hard to sneak in.)
    • MobyMax (new):  link
    • Prodigy:  math games   https://www.prodigygame.com/ 
    • Khan Academy- virtual lessons: link  Class code is JQNPKEPM
    • Greg Tang: home page homepage link     resources (including free downloads): resources link     challenge activities: online activities



    • NASA (this link is specifically for 5-8 grades):  NASA link
    • Smithsonian has many wonderful pictures and videos, including virtual tours of museums.  SmithsonianMag.com
    • This Smithsonian site has daily featured videos, articles, links, and information: link
    • Smithsonian also has a collection of 68 cultural, historical, and scientific collections collections you can explore online: link
    • While the Smithsonian has closed all of its museums to the public due to Covid-19, they do have an amazing virtual tour experience: link
    • Mystery Science:   MysteryScienc.com
    • Newsela:  newsela.com  Class code: 7BJE8B
    • National Geographic:  MyNGconnect.com
    • Freckle (NEW!) learning activities from Renaissance:
    • Missouri Botanical Garden- homepage-constantly has scrolling slideshow of gorgeous video of the grounds:  link
    • Missouri Botanical Garden- YouTube virtual tour of the various areas of the Graden (next best thing to being there):  link
    • Mystery Doug:   https://mysterydoug.com/
    • Livescience.com
    • NSTA daily Do’s- the NSTA is the National Science Teachers Association, of which I am a happy member.  They have a lot of resources; this one is new and REALLY good (IMHO):  https://www.nsta.org/dailydo/

     Social Studies: