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    Welcome to our classroom of busy, busy bees! I am a product of the St. Louis Public Schools and I'm very PROUD of this fact.  I graduated from Soldan High School.  I received a B.S. Ed. at Lincoln University, MO and a M. Ed. at the University Missouri, Saint Louis.  The fine institution of Herzog Elementary will lead you to a wonderful educattion also. I have  been an educator for over 20 years because I simply enjoy working with young students and learning from them as well. 

    Everyone in this class community shares the responsibilities to be Respectful, Own their actions towards others, Act safely at home and at school, and to be Ready to learn at all times.  This school quarter will be Virtual due to the continuation of the Corona virus Pandemic.  Virtual Learning is the way we will continue to obtain knowledge.  As of now, my Team members and I are preparing exciting lessons to bring to you via the internet. Some lessons will be for the entire class and other for small groups  I would like your participation in this effort.  I want you to be involved and responding to the lessons I prepare for you.  Ask questions that will help you learn and I will respond back to you.  You will also be tested over this information. I will present new lessons for you each week.  Let's have FUN while learning to work virtually!

    Contact Information:

    e-mail:  Betty.billups@slps.org