• Welcome to 3rd grade virtual learning! Here you can find all the information for your student to be successful in our online classroom.


    Here is our daily schedule and the links for the lessons.  If you click the links at the correct time, it will take you directly to the video of the live lesson everyday. Below the schedule is the weekly chart of assignments and things we are learning.  


    9:10-9:30: login, read morning message and supplies needed, gather supplies, go to bathroom, say good morning to friends, eat breakfast Morning Meeting Morning Meeting Link

    9:30-10:00: Writing and Reading Skills

    10:00-10:50: Related Arts Art, Music, PE PE Class Music Class

    10:50-11:00: Go to bathroom, eat a snack, gather supplies posted

    11:00-11:45: ELA Engage Lesson ELA/Literacy block ELA Lesson Link

    11:45-12:15: recess

    12:15-12:30: Bathroom and wash hands

    12:30-1:00: Lunch

    1:00-2:00: Live math teacher lesson Math and Independant Reading Math Lesson Link

    2:00-2:40: Support and re teach, independent reading, Science/SS

    2:45-3:15: Epic, Prodigy, IXL



    Lalilo is a program we started to help the boys at their reading level.  Please encourage him to spend time using the program everyday.  Epic and Prodigy are also helpful apps to help them practice. 
    Let me know if you need anything at all.  Marissa Pozzo 314-825-7278 marissa.pozzo@slps.org