• Our new section we are starting now is all about geometry. Students should be working on IXL.com skill W. 1-22 Two-dimensional figures. Just as in previous sections, mastery in these skills is demonstrated by getting to a score of 90 or higher. Every time a student gets a skill to 90, they earn 10 out of 10 points toward their math grade. Going higher than 90 in any skill is extra credit.

    Students, if you are having difficulty with any of the new geometry vocabulary, for the time being, please do a google search on the words, read the definition, and then look at images of the vocabulary term. Also, I highly recommend watching one of the many YouTube videos about any skill that is confusing, taught by a variety of different math teachers. Please remember to have your notebook or a piece of scratch paper out while working on your IXL assignments in order to assist you in solving the problems. The first step should always be re-writing the problem.