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Intro to Business - Course Information

  • Intro to Business Course Information

    Course Description: 

    PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS, Ninth Edition, provides a comprehensive introductory business text with complete instruction in business concepts and skills students need in today’s competitive environment.  This market-leading text offers extensive coverage in major business concepts in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Management.  Students will gain valuable information and skills for the workplace, as well as preparation for success in competitive events. 

    Principles of Business is the foundation course for the following Career Clusters pathways: 

    • Business, Management & Administration
    • Finance
    • Marketing

    Course Objective:

    The objective of this course will allow students to focus on real-life, business current technology and e-commerce issues in the business world.  Planning a career from 16 Career Clusters and present the education, training, work experience and industry opportunities for a variety of business-related career paths.  Students will be able to know the four phases of the business cycle, provide a link between theory and the real world of business for various moral dilemmas.  Students will also understand the use of the Internet for business-related research and how to do business in various countries and provide a basic knowledge of International Business, which are vital for living and working in a global economy.

    Course Credit:

    1 Credit – Full Year Course

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