• Hello All! It's Ms. Bryant here! We will be continuing our learning online, to do this we will be using Microsoft Teams.  Click the link below to access the Teams page for your class.

    Team Harris-Stowe

    Team SLU

    Team Wash U

  • Accessing Microsoft Teams

    Social Distancing requires for our students to continue our learning remotely.  To keep in constant and two-way communication between Staff, Parents, and Students we will be using an online app called Microsoft Teams.  Please parents assist students in following the steps below to get signed on

    1.) Download Microsoft Teams from your device app or go to Microsoft Teams 

    2.) Enter student computer login followed by @slps.org

    3.) Enter student computer password

    4.) You're In!! ( Leave a comment letting the team know you're in)

    If you need any additional information please feel free to email me mahoganie.bryant@slps.org