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Welcome to Microsoft Teams!

Welcome to First Grade Learning with Ms. Digar! 

Here are the steps to log in to Microsoft Teams

  • Position your IPAD so that the soft button on your IPAD is in on the same side as your right hand
  • Use your right thumb to press the soft button to turn on your device. You should see all the little icons on your screen
  • Now, use your pointer finger to swipe to the left or the right until you find the Microsoft Teams Icon and tap
  • Carefully enter your username
  • Now enter your passcode
  • You will see your classroom Microsoft Teams Page


  • Now go to your calendar

(It is on the upper left-hand side)

  • Touch the calendar
  • On today’s date and time on the calendar, you will see “Join Meeting”. Please Tap to join your classmates and teacher
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are now in your very first class meeting.
  • Greet your teacher and your classmates
  • Mute your microphone and sit up straight. You are ready for virtual class


  • Look all the way to the left hand side in the dark blue area
  • Look for the symbol of the three little people (this will take you back to the Teams Page.) Tap with your finger
  • On your left in the white area and under the team’s name, find the General Tab. Tap with your finger
  • Now at the top, click on the “Assignments” Tab
  • Now, you are ready to work!!!!!

We are going to learn how to do so many cool things in Microsoft Teams.