• Algebra150

    Welcome Parents and Students of Metro Mr. P’s 2020 Virtual Learning. 


    Hopefully this communication finds you and your family well.  I hope to get us back on track as early as tomorrow if possible.  The district is reaching out now to everyone to allow access to student’s SLPS mail and Microsoft Teams accounts.  Microsoft Teams is where the district is having us place all our virtual learning materials and, hopefully, will be where we can conduct face-to-face (screen-to-screen?) classes.  In conjunction with Tyler SIS and Google classroom, Teams will be how we communicate with both parents and students throughout our virtual learning adventure.


    My hope is to make it almost seamless with how the class had been conducted throughout the school year.  Many expectations will stay the same.  There is a rough timeline for the next few weeks located on Microsoft Teams (the only reason it goes beyond the 22nd is to help students plan for the rest of the year, I’m hoping to still see everyone before the school year is out).  As you can see, along with each lesson is a directly related video to KhanAcademy, almost as if I were teaching some examples myself.  I will be making pdf copies of the textbook and loading those into Teams as well, for anyone who doesn’t have their textbook with them. Pearson is still very much a part of our class and also has an added resource of guided walkthroughs for each section we are covering.


    As far as assessments and grades go, until I receive further guidance from Mr. Lawler and the district, grades cannot be our concern.  My job as I see it is to keep your education going, to make sure that we don’t fall behind and lose everything we have worked so hard for already this past year.  I would like to release quizzes on Pearson, just like those we took in class, to allow students to challenge themselves.  And there will be the option of giving assessments in google Classroom as time goes on.  However, until I myself have more details, I can’t really meaningfully speak about current or future grades.  We will figure that out together as we go.


    My hope is to have general office hours where I will be available to respond to students concerns and questions on Teams chat.  And also to have dedicated times slots a few days a week where students gather together with myself in a video conference to discuss problems and figure out the content.  Perhaps even me giving lessons as normal.  There will be more information coming soon about that.


    Until then:

    Students should be watching the Khanacademy video series attached to each section (the linked video is just the first in a series of short videos and activities).

    Students should be completing the homeworks from the textbook just as if we were in class.  They can then upload a picture of it to Teams in their student notebook section.

    Students should be doing Pearson Extra Practice Problems (with additional virtual lesson for better understanding if needed).  And extra credit stands same as before.

    Students should be taking quizzes on Pearson (more information soon about this).


    Below is a list of information from the district as well as codes pertaining to all the virtual learning sources that may be utilized over the next few weeks.  I will keep updating this list as I find more resources.


    SLPS District’s Extended Learning: https://www.slps.org/Page/46686

    Mr. P’s Microsoft Teams Code:  kojz2kt

    Mr. P’s Google Classroom Code:  whktc6f

    Mr. P’s Khan Academy Class Code:  72Q6A9SW

    Explore DESMOS: https://teacher.desmos.com/collection/5e73b204d560367270838c4b

    Free LearnZillion Videos:  https://learnzillion.com/resources/99830-algebra/


    Here to help,

    Paul Perniciaro