What Good Readers Do!!!!

    • Good Readers Look at the Pictures

    • Good Readers Look at the Title

    • Good Readers Ask Questions???

    • Good Readers Re-Read the Story

    • Good Readers Visualize the Story

    • Good Readers Make Connections



    1.Log on  www.scholasticlearnathome.com

    2.Click on the link Learn at Home- Classroom
    Magazine Scholastic Select a grade level

    3.Click on week 1 (BOOKFLIX)

    4.Click the tab watch the story and read the book

    5.Student will watch a video and read the story

    6. Click on the tab (Puzzler) (Word Match)

    7. Student will match a word with a picture

    8. Click on the tab ( Fact or Fiction)
    9. Student read a sentence and look at the picture to
    determine if its fact or fiction
    10. Click on the tab ( What Comes First)
    Student will look at pictures to put each event in
    Click on the tab with the picture of a house to
    choose another book or category. All stories are audio
    read along books.
    Please adjust reading/grade levels if you need to


           FUN ART WEB SITES

    • Nickelodeonparents.com
    • Artfulparent.com

            LEARNING WEB SITES     

    • www.hand2mindathome.com (kg – 6)
    • www.education.comresources/kindergarten
    • www.adaptivemind.com (Kg – 5)
    • www.weareteachers.com/kindergarten-math-games
    •  hand2mindathome.com/literacy1teachathome.com (Kg – 5)
    •  edex.adobe.com/remote-learning/free-resources.com (Kg-5)


    • Brain Pop is a fun learning website for every subject !!
    •  Log on to www.brainpop.com
    • Log in username: slps2020 password: slps2020 
    • Click on the  English tab then click on Reading and Study skills look for the pair of glasses
    • Click on any Reading tab that we have been working on in class such as Context Clues or try something new
    • Then click on the Movie  tab after you watch your movie click on Quiz after you take your quiz click on Game
    • Have fun learning and exploring more new subjects and skills!! (so its skill movie quiz and game)
    • I will be checking in on you! Please let me know if you have any questions. Brain Pop Rocks!!!