• Preschool Schedule  


     8:30am        Breakfast and Restroom

    9:00am        How do I feel Link: ? Calming Activity Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWW9z80JD0U

    9:10am        Art, Gym, Music activity (Refer to the Art, Music, P.E. Teachers Websites for more activities)

    10:10am     Restroom

    10:15am     Acknowledge the current date(calendar) and weather, Journaling: Writing activity, Math activity

    10:45am     Gross Motor Activity: Go Noodle, indoor play, scavenger hunt, or in/outdoor play

    11:15am     Restroom and Lunch

    11:45am     Phonics: practice with flashcards for letters and words, letter recognition 

    12:00pm     Math Activity (number sense, counting, patterning, sorting, addition work)

    12:15pm     Student choice of website or app focusing on reading: Starfall.com, ABCmouse.com, Reading IQ

    12:30pm     Restroom/Rest time

       1:30pm    Restroom and Snack

       1:40pm    Centers: educational toys and books, (Math, Social Studies, Science, Literacy)

       2:00pm    Students will read book(s) of choice independently

       2:20pm    Student review the story by retelling, drawing a picture, or writing about it

       2:40pm    Student choice of websites or apps:  Starfall.com, ABCmouse.com, ClassDojo, Reading IQ

       3:00pm   Continue with iPads and/or independent reading

       3:12pm   Class Dismissed