•  Microsoft Teams Link

    Access my Microsoft Teams page here 👉Mullanphy, 2nd Grade, 106, Ms. McAtee


     Getting Started with Microsoft Teams!

    * You will need the student's login information to access the online classroom. This will include an SLPS email address for your student.

    - The SLPS email address will allow you free access to the Microsoft Office 365 software suite. Click the following link to open the directions for how to download and install Office 365: Download and Install Office 365

    - In Office 365, the online classroom is called "Teams," just like the email app is called "Outlook" and the document app is called "Word." In your student's email inbox, you will find the invitation to join our classroom's Team, called "Mullanphy, 2nd grade, 106, Ms. McAtee."

    - All live lessons will be held on Microsoft Teams.

    - All courses and assignments will be delivered through Microsoft Teams. 

    - Assignments are organized by subject into different "Channels," for example, the Math channel is where you can find the Math assignments, and the Science channel is where you can find the Science assignments. 

    - Related Arts (P.E., Art, and Music) assignments will have their on channel as well.


    Turn in an Assignment in Microsoft Teams

    Learn how to upload student's assignments here 👉 Turn in Assignments