Assignment Overview for week of April 13th - 17th


     PE Assignment Week 3 

    This week we are working on Flexibility movements. Every week for the month of April we will do a different type of exercise that focuses on the 4 different fitness components. Please participate twice a week and follow the fitness videos that I have posted. I have also added other links on my web page on the Hodgen Tech Website for more activities you can do at home.


    This week you will:

    1. Please participate twice a week and follow the videos that I have posted under the Lesson section below. Please participate in the Power Yoga Video first, and then choose one out of the three Cosmic Kid Yoga videos as well.
    2. Video yourself participating in one of the videos. Attach a 2 -3 minute video in the P.E assignment tab found in your general classroom course. If the 2 – 3 minute video file doesn’t fit please upload as much as you can. You can cut the video to 1 minute if you need to.
    3. Please write and explain the importance of stretching your body (one sentence). Also name three different stretches. UPLOAD your response in a document to the assignment section.


    Power Yoga Video:


    Choose 1 out of 3 Videos to participate in:

    Vocabulary Word of the Week: Flexibility

     A health-related component of physical fitness that relates to the range of motion available at a joint.

    • That means that each joint and each group of muscles in your body might have a different range of motion (ROM) or a different level of flexibility. Some areas of your body may be very tight, meaning that the muscles feel short and restricted. Some areas of your body may feel very loose and you may be able to lengthen and move those muscles freely.​


    *IMPORTANT- make sure you take water breaks in between each video workout

    DUE DATE: Friday, April 24th at 11:59 pm