The Ma'at Room

  • Ma'at is the divine balance of life!


    Students will practice three of the 42 Laws of Ma'at for the week of April 27

    •  #42 I have NOT destroyed Property.
    •  #16 I have NOT been Deceitful.
    •  #30 I have NOT overstepped my Boundaries.


    Students classroom behavior shall improve towards fellow peers  by exercising  these laws this week.


    When The order of Ma'at is in place it prevents ALL chaos.

  • Ma'at Room

    For this week Mwalimu can accomplish amazing improvements in the classroom with students behavior by offering these 7 Strategies for Success.

    •  Having a relationship between behavior and academic performance
    • Offering praise & rewards 
    • Proving hands-on assignments 
    • Oferring support, belief in students and encouraging initiative
    • Modeling ideal behavior
    • Allowing students to help establish guidelines
    • Holding parties


    Although this may seem challenging, teachers play a major role in creating an environment that encourages learning, improve student behavior, and create better academic

    performance at every level of education.