• Homework

    Good afternoon. Parents, I'm certain you were expecting your child/children to be back in school by now, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we have not returned to school. Hopefully, we will return soon. However, we intend to continue the learning process. But until then I have assigned homework under the homework tab on my website page that your child can start working on the assignments.  Once your child completes the homework assignments stroll down and select an email to the teacher do not choose (see my score) because I can't view the score if you do so.  
    Access to my web page: 
    1. Go to the  St. Louis Public School Website
    2. Click on schools
    3. Find Ames VPA Elementary School
    4. Click on ames website
    5. Click on staff and find Barbara Long Click 
    6. Click on Students' Homework Page
    7. Stroll to bottom and click on the link under the address
    8. Follow the prompts for registering
    9. Select Enter Code, the code is # exhlfl3o6u
    10. Once you are on the site register as a student.


    Click here for homework.