• Hello Peabody Families! Welcome to Virtual Learning.

    Please take some time and go through this platform to see how to get from one area to the next. 

    When submitting your child's assignments in Google Chrome, type in the URL, portal.office.com.

    1. Select Teams
    2. Where it says e-mail, enter Username@slps.org
    3. Select Next
    4. Enter Password
    5. Select Sign In

    NOTE: You can access the Assignments  under General Area and select the Post tab OR

    over on the left side of the screen, select the  Assignments tab.

           6. Select Peabody Special Education Ms. Cousins/Mrs. Little/Ms. Winters

           7. Select Next

    Some assignments will have forms attached that can be completed online and submitted through the Teams page. Other assignments will require a photograph or a scan uploaded. 

    To add an assignment that is completed:

    1. Take a photo of your child's completed work.
    2. Scan or Save Image
    3. At the bottom of the page select Add Work.
    4. On the bottom left, select Upload from this device.
    5. Select Done
    6. Go to the top right of page and select Turn In and the assignment will be submitted. 


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