Standard Model of Particles

Unit 14 Particle Physics

  • IB 7.3 Duality I Photoelectric Effect  - Watch two Youtube Intro Videos,  Photoelectric Effect Simulation Activity     which is about double slit interference of light which is a physical demonstration of the photoelectric effect.  

         Photoelectric Effect PhET Activity






    IB 7.3 Duality II Agenda - Results of Photoelectric Effect Activity, Photon momentum, Double slit Expt for electrons, matter wavelengths, orbitls, uncertainty

    IB 7.3 Particles Agenda  - Elementary particles, quarks, leptons, bosons, hadrons, baryons, mesons, tau, neutrinos....etc., 4 fundamental forces.

    IB 7.3 Particle Reactions Agenda  - Particle characteristics, conservation laws, particle reactions

    IB 7.3 Feynman Diagrams Agenda  - Feynman Diagrams (FD) explained, FD examples, FD Activity

         Feynman Diagram Matching Activity  

    IB 7.3 Particles Agenda April 25 - Review day

    IB 7.3 Particles Agenda April 26 - Mastery Quiz day

    U14 Review Worksheet  U14 Review Worksheet Answers