• Here are some really cool free online activities to keep their brains busy and engaged:

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    Free Virtual day camp classes (including potion making, lego movie creation, world languages, learning to be a detective, coding, and much more!)



    Free online escape rooms!

    Here is a link to dozens and dozens of virtual escape rooms offered by libraries for kids, teens and adults:



    Oscar's Stolen Oscar 
    Great Sharks! Something is very fishy at the National Aquarium. Our resident Hollywood Star, Oscar, is missing his...Oscar! I guess not everyone was a "fin" of his work. By using this virtual tour of the aquarium, it's up to you to solve the mystery and restore his beloved award.Tour: https://aqua.org/media/virtualtours/baltimore/index.html. Tips: click on the information buttons in each tank for more information about the creatures (the information you will need to solve the mystery). The "View map" will allow you to navigate easily to other parts of the aquarium. If you don't see an information button right away, use the arrows or zoom in/out till you see one.


    Jumani Escape Room



    Romeo and Juliet Escape Room


Last Modified on June 5, 2020