• Covid 19 Football Summer Workout Guideline 2020

    Date: July 6th 2020

    Location: Miller Career Academy High School 

    Time: 9am to 11am 


    Phase 1:

    Pre-workout Screening:

    • Nurse/health official at summer conditioning practices
    1. Daily screening of coaches and student-athlete’s temperatures (COVID-19) questionnaire and temperature taken
    2. Daily screening responses stored and readily available to district personnel and building nurse and administrators
    3. Student-athletes must have a physical on file before participating
    4. If a student-athlete exhibits positive symptoms – they are not allowed to take part in workouts.

    *Will have to check with medical personnel on whether everyone at that workout should discontinue practicing for at least 14 days*


    Limitations on Gatherings:

    • Student-athletes will be placed in pods of 7-9 student-athletes at a time with one coach
    • Locker rooms will not be used
    • The same student-athletes will workout together throughout Phase 1
    • All student-athletes and coaches must always remain 6 feet apart


    Facilities Cleaning:

    • Cleaning schedules should be created and implemented for all athletic facilities
    • Student-athletes and coaches should wash their hands before practice- *hand sanitizer should also be available*
    • Everything should be wiped down after use of equipment- i.e., ropes, planks,
    • Appropriate clothing/shoes must be worn- minimizing sweating on equipment
    • Students are encouraged to shower and wash their workout clothing immediately upon going home


    Physical Activity and Athletic Equipment:

    • No shared athletic equipment (towels, clothing, shoes, or sports specific equipment) between students
    • Student-athletes should wear their own appropriate workout clothing (no sharing) individuals should have their own clothing/towels- everything used and worn should be washed and cleaned after every workout
    • Athletic equipment including balls should be cleaned after each use and prior to the next workout
    • Athletic equipment usage is permissible but must be cleaned before the next group of student-athletes and coach uses it
    • *Recommend no usage of the weight room during phase 1*



    • All student-athletes should bring their own water bottle - *water bottles cannot be shared*
    • Hydration stations should not be utilized- i.e., water fountains, water cows, water trough, etc.



    Phase Dates

    • Phase 1= July 6-24, 2020
    • Phase 2= July 27-August 7, 2020
    • Phase 3= August 10-August 21, 2020
    • Phase 4= August 22-26, 2020