• SLPS Athletics Initial Plan to Return to Play

    Phase Dates

    • Phase 1= July 6-24, 2020
    • Phase 2= July 27-August 7, 2020
    • Phase 3= August 10-August 21, 2020
    • Phase 4= August 22-26, 2020


    Work-outs Guidelines

    • Each student-athlete will have their temperature taken each day by a district school nurse/athletic trainer
    • A daily log is kept of each student’s answers to Covid-19 questionnaire and their registered body temperature
    • All adults working with and interacting with student-athletes must be employed by St. Louis Public Schools
    • No spectators allowed
    • All workouts will take place outside- weight rooms will not be utilized – alternate schedules for inclement weather only will take place in school gymnasium
    • Schools will follow the four phase outline
    • Each athlete and coach will be provided with a cloth ppe mask- that must be worn at all times
    • Coaches and school Athletic Directors are required to abide by the heat acclimatization guidelines provided by the NFHS
    • Coaches and school Athletic Directors will be required to sign an expectation document before starting
    • Daily logs should be kept at schools and available upon request
    • Teams will not be allowed to share water bottles, water troughs, and use water fountains- each student-athlete should bring their own water bottle
    • Schools will not be allowed to participate in any 7v7; interscholastic scrimmages; or jamborees
    • Social distancing should be practiced through Phase 1 and 2
    • All student-athletes must have an up-to-date physical on file and updated in SIS
    • Coaches should have student information/medical cards with them at all times
    • Work-outs are not mandatory and no student-athlete should be penalized or punished for not participating
    • Once student-athletes are assigned to a pod- they must stay with that same group through the duration of the phase


    Use of Athletic Facilities

    • No outside athletic camps will be hosted by district coaches or outside teams/clubs
    • Only outdoor facilities will be used- if inclement weather only the gyms will be used



    Use of Athletic Equipment/Supplies

    • All equipment must be sanitized and cleaned daily and in between usage
    • During Phase 1 and 2 teams are not allowed to have student-athletes participate or do any drills that required sharing equipment or balls


    Things to Know

    • During Phase 1 and 2 only football will meet face-to-face – all other sports will provide weekly work-outs to their student-athletes and check in with student-athletes via Microsoft Teams or Zoom
    • Work-out plans must be submitted prior to each phase starting – which includes daily schedule(s); time and date(s); location; and how students will be split into their pods and which coach they will be assigned to