Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry TAC in 5th-9th Grades General Science

Mrs. April M. Plyler

Welcome to 8th grade science and 7th grade STEM! We will be exploring waves, energies, outerspace, and genetics this year in Science 8.  STEM 7 will train you to develop scientific thinking and put you on the path leading to independent research.  If you have never liked science, I challenge you to give another try.  Imagine your path turning towards one of the many careers in the scientific field!

  •                                                                       Biography
           I have spent my life moving around the United States.  I was born in Texas and was raised in Texas, Colorado, North Dakota, Florida, and South Carolina.  While in South Carolina, I  graduated from Wofford College and married my high-school sweetheart, Clint.   In my adult life, we have continued to move to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and St. Louis.  ​Within our travels, our family has grown to include three teenagers - Autumn, Courtney, and Christopher.  I enjoy time with my family, my cat, political and medical dramas, cooking, and crocheting. 

    ​       Teaching science and mentoring middle and high school students is my passion.  To see amazement and understanding in my students drives me to guide more students to question the world around them.  The world is filled with many things that are not understood.  My students are challenged to think beyond the book and current knowledge and dream how they could discover breakthroughs, unravel mysteries, and refute accepted ideas!