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Welcome to the Student Support Team Page

  • In order to help students achieve their maximum potential, Long International Middle School has a dedicated Student Support Team (SST). The SST is a collaborative approach to helping a student reach his/her/their maximum potential. The SST addresses academic, social-emotional, health, or behavioral concerns. Concerns about attendance may also be addressed through the SST. The intention of the team is to explore the needs of the child and create a plan to provide the supports necessary to ensure success throughout the academic day. We meet bi-weekly on Wednesdays. 



    Student Support Team Members

    School Counselor - Erika Starr-Hunter (Team Leader)

    Family and Community Services - Quita Pang

    Principal - Benicia Nanez-Hunt

    Assistant Principal - Jan Fanning

    Character Development Specialist -Zaria McDonald

    TIPs Therapist - Hannah Rosenthal


    Please contact one of the team members if you have any questions.

    Thank you!!


    If you feel there's a student need the team can address, please use the link below to make a referral.  


    To make a referral please click the link or scan the QR code

    Student Support Team Referral Link

    Student Support Team Referral