• Students are expected to attend class everyday. Students that do not show up for live lessons will be counted absent. If your child is absent, please call the school and let them know. 

    We will have a daily schedue that we will follow. The schedule should not change. 

    Students willl be expected to turn in all assignments by the due date. Most assignments that are assigned during class time will be due by the end of the school day. They will be given time to complete the assignments in class, just like they would in the regular classroom. 

    At this time, I do not plan to assign homework. If the students do not complete work that is assigned in class but have worked on it during the time givien to complete it, they may be allowed to complete it that night. They will have to have permission from me in order to complete assignments for homework.

    Students will be expected to behave in a manner that is condusive to the learning of everyone in the classroom. If they are a disruption during instruction to the point where others are unable to hear or follow along, I will contact you. Students will be informed that the lessons are being recorded (to have access to the lessons later if they need them). They will be asked to not talk while others are talking and to raise their hand if they have questions so that not everyone is trying to talk at the same time.