• Students can use the following resources to continue learning alphabet and alphabet sounds. Allow your student to work

    on an activity for a 10-15 minute period at a time. Frequent brain breaks (get up and move/wiggle body) are encouraged. 


    Starfall     Starfall offers free subscriptions for families during this time.

    PBS Kids   PBS kids offers free content for literacy, math, science, and other subjects. 

    Story Line Online  Story Line Online offers a wide variety of read alouds read by different celebrtiy readers. 


    You can also go to YouTube and type in "Have Fun Teaching" into the search bar. This will bring up alphabet and sight

    word videos that students can watch to review and learn alphabet and sight words.

    Also, have your student practice writing their first and last names daily. Write it for them first. If your student has

    difficulty forming letters, I have them practice writing using all UPPERCASE letters. Once they learn how to recognize

    letters and write their names using all UPPERCASE letters, then I teach them how to write thier names using the proper

    case (i.e. Sarah instead of SARAH).