• Virtual Resources

    Resources include:

    1. nearpod.com

        a. You will receive a code for each nearpod activity completed in class or you will link to the nearpod activity in ClassDojo.  Nearpod is used for most subjects:  ELA; mathematics; socal studies.

    2. guidedreaders.com

        a.  guidedreaders.com is a resource used during ELA in designated guided reading times.   

    3. raz-kids.com

        a.  is reading homework practice for students during ELA asynchronous times when students are not in GuidedReading groups. Students are to either listen/read the story then take the comprehension assessment assigned to that particular book/text.

    4.  ClassDojo.com

         a.  ClassDojo is where homework assignments will be posted in students' groups.  Students are to complete assignments and place in their "portfolio".

    5.  generationgenius

        a.  this is science based software and is used during science lessons.

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