• Be Respectful
    • Be Safe
    • Be a Buddy
    • Be Responsible


    • Find a quiet place to focus and take charge of your learning!
    • Eliminate distractions in your background. Make smart choices when deciding where to set up your space.


    • When preparing for zoom: Show up on time with a charge iPad, appropriate clothes, and supplies your teacher may have told you to gather ahead of time.


    • Please make sure your camera is on and your microphone is off when the speaker is speaking. Most importantly, come with a positive attitude, ready to participate and learn.


     Kindergarten Expectations

    • Follow directions.


    • Be Respectful to yourselves and others.


    • Be Punctual to class sessions dressed as if you are attending class in the school building. (No Pajamas)


    • Be mindful of your peers and mute your device until permitted to respond.


    • Be a Leader, Participate and Complete all class assignments on time.


    • Be Prepared to Learn each and Every day.



    1st Offense                  Verbal Warning

    2nd Offense                 Talk with Student

    3rd Offense                  Talk with Student

    4th Offense                  Phone Call or Email to Parent

    5th Offense                  Principal/Administration Actions