• November 7-10 2022

    Greetings students and parents. This will only be a three-day school week. There will be no school on Tuesday November 8 and Friday November 11, 2022. On Tuesday, all schools will be closed due to the Mid-Term Elections. I am asking all parents to get out and vote. On Friday we will celebrate veterans day. We will be out again because this is a national holiday.  During this week of classes , we will be introducing a special health class for grade five students. Our fifth grade students will review key aspects of good health and, if successful, will return to regular P.E. class within two or three weeks.  Our remaining classes will have a universal P.E. Class that will allow for open-play activities. In addition to open play , upper grades will start the second part of fitness testing that will include push-ups and sit-ups. Our lower grades will take part in movement and open-fun play events.




    October 17-20, 2022

    Greetings Students and Parents. This will be the last week of flag football skills. In addition to football skills, we will start a special class taught by our community partners from BJC and will start a special 30 minute session on outdoor education in selected classes. This week's class will be Grade 6,5, Ms. Jung Grade k and Ms. Lewis Pre-K  Class. 


    October 3- 13,2022

    Greetings Students and Parents. This week we will begin a new class unit in the area of Flag Football grades 2, 4,4,5,6,7 and 8. Grade 3 will continue their special instruction in the area of soccer sponsored by St. Louis Soccer Club. Grade Pre-k, Kg and 1 will focus on motor skill development using a small foam football as well as different ball types and sizes. This will be a three-week unit. In addition to the class area of instruction, the month of October will focus on Student and Family Wellness. Please stay tone for spaecial announcement and activities.


    September 19- September 30, 2022

    Greetings Students and Parents . Welcome to week Five and Six of the 2022-23 school year. Parents, please be advised that progress reports have been submitted and you should be receiving an update and copy of students' progress within the next week. Over the next two weeks, we will continue with our physical fitness testing. That will cover the 10 minute walk/ run event which will take place in the playground area. In addition to fitness testing for students, a special program has been added for our third grade class. Beginning last week, our third grade students will receive special instruction from St. Louis SC Soccer Organization for an eight-week period which began September 10 to November 3, 2022. . During this time period, our students will receive a wide range of instruction around passing , dribbling, proper kicking , drills, game play, and crossing over to real life.  Our lower grades from Pre-K through First Grade will be provided with alternative and modified instruction that will continue to focus on motor skill development and safe play.. In addition to class activities, If time permits, we could start our next unit, which will be Flag football.


    September 6- September 16, 2022

    Greetings Parents and Students. Welcome to week three of the 2022-23 school year. Beginning this week , we will start our Physical Fitness Unit for all grades.. This unit will include running. Thus, it will be important that all students wear tennis shoes  to try to prevent any foot injuries. In grades 3 thru 8, testing will include height and weight measurements ,-the shuttle run, a Pacer run and a ten minute walk /run to take place on the school play/track area. This unit is scheduled to take two weeks, but it may need to be extended because of the number of students in classes.

    For my students in Pre-k thru 2  students, a modified program will be established to evaluate motor skill development,in place  of running distance and height and weight measurements.




    August 22-September 2, 2022

    Greetings Parents and Students. Welcome back to Laclede for the 2022-23 school year. I am looking forward to working with our students in Physical Education for the coming year. As with last year, we are still in the middle of COVID 19 but we are very excited about being able to work with all the students in a open, relaxed manner. During the year, we will continue our focus on life-long physical activities that can be played both at school and at home.

    For the first two weeks, August 22, 2022 to September 2, 2022, we will focus on class rules as well as safety rules and procedures around safe play and fun during all classes. Because I see all students in Pre-K through 8th grade, some activities will be modified to meet the needs and age ranges of our students. As a matter of safety, I am asking that all students wear or bring tennis shoes to school on the day(s) that they have PE class. You will be able to find a copy of my schedule on my page. In the event you have questions, please feel free to contact the school . My plan and lunch period is from 9:15 am until 11:10 am and I am very open to speak with you.

    Warm Regards

    Coach Ferrer






    Welcome to Weelk Seven May 9-13, 2022

    Greetings students and parents. Welcome to week seven of our fourth quarter. This week we are hoping to have great weather so that we can take part in Track and Field skill development. In addition to these activities, we will be hosting two off-campus field trips to Forest Park. On Thursday, May 12, 2022.  Students in Grades 5, 6. 7 and 8 will travel to the Nature Play scape area for an all-day field trip activity from 9:30 am until 2:00 pm. Students will be provided a special lunch by the administrative team of our school. In addition to lunch, students may also bring any additional food and snack items that they desire. While at the park, students will take part in nature and science-related activities in addition to types of games like volleyball, flag football and kickball. All forms for this trip are due May 9, 2022 to make sure e have buses and meals for the students.

    A second field trip will take place on Friday May 13, 2022, also at Forest Park Narure Play Scape.This will be a selected student-only trip to take part in a Flash Mob Dance event. Students that will be eligible for this trip will come from Grade 4 thru 8 . A meeting will be held with the selected students on Monday May 9 at which time a special filed trip form will be sent home and must be returned by Wednesday May 11, 2022. 





    Welcome to Week Four  April 18-22, 2022

    Greetings students and parents. I would like to first start by saying thank you to all who took part in the school-wide fundraiser. As of Friday, we are now close to the $200.00 level to be turned in to the American Heart Association. A final report will be announced by Wednesday of this week with the winning class receiving a class pizza party along with being the first to draw from the prize table. In addition to the fundraiser , students in Kindergarten thru Fourth grade will take part in the schoolwide field trip  to Forest Park Nature Play Scape. All students will be provided a sack lunch and drink by the cafeteria. In addition, students can bring their own personal snacks and drinks to have on the field trip. If your child has his/her own personal water bottle and book bag , please have them bring one with them. Lastly, students may bring extra if they desire. We are looking to having a great time on our trip.

    Please note that our class activity for the week will cover a unit on track and field. Activities will include jogging, and lap running. 


    Welcome to Week Two of our Heart Challenge: April 11-15, 2022

    Greetings Students and Parents. This will be our second week of our school wide Penny Drive in support of the American Heart Association. This week, all studentPenny Drive Fundraisers are reminded that if you can take part in the school wide penny drive, to please make sure that you bring your coins when you can. The last day to turn in coins will be Friday, April 15, 2022. As a reminder, the class who raises the most money will receive a class pizza party. In addition, there are some special themed days that students can take part in.

    Monday: April 11, 2022: Crazey Sock Day

    Tuesday: April 12, 2022:  Hat Day

    Wednesday: April 13, 2022: Theme Sports Day Wear a sports outfit

    Thursday: April 14, 2022 : Cardinal Gear Day: Wear your Cardinal Clothing

    Friday: April 15, 2022:  School Spirit Day . Wear any Peirre Laclede Clothing or College Shirt




    Welcome Back from Spring Break March 28-April 1, 2022

    Greetings Students and Parents. Welcome back from Spring Break. This week we will be starting a series of multi-grade level activities that will include Flag Football for grades 4-8. Kickball for grades One, two and three and motor skill development for grades Pre-K , Kindergarten and One. Please note that depending on weather temperatures, some of our class time will take place outside. As a result, please have your students come to class with a jacket or hat that can be worn outside. 

    In addition, please check your students' backpacks for a special handout for our upcoming All School Penney Drive that will take place  beginning April 4 to 15,2022. All funds collected will be donated to the American Heart Association. Last year we were able to raise $271.00 dollars. At the end of this drive, the first place class will earn a pizza party. Likewise, all students will have an opportunity to select a prize from the prize table that will be located in the gym. 




    Welcome to Week Eleven: March 14-17, 2022


    Greetings Students and Parents. Welcome to week Eleven of our second semester. This week will also be a Parent Teacher Conference Week after regular school hours. In the event that you would like to discuss your students' progress in my class, please contact the school to set a time to meet with me. This week will be a four-day week for students from Monday through Thursday. During our class time, we will continue our endurance walks as a part of the class, along with a special evaluation project of our playground updates. Students who have not done an evaluation will have time to cast their vote.



    Welcome to Week Ten: March 7-11, 2022

    Greetings Students and Parents. Welcome to week ten of our second semester. This will be a grade reporting week in classes. In addition to the submission of grades, this will also include a Universal Gym week in which students will be able to select from the various activities introduced during the year. All students will also be asked to take part in an endurance building walk based on grade levels. Here are the grade level times:

    Grades 5-8: 15  minutes

    Grade 3 and 4: 7 minute grade walk and video exercise

    Grades Pre-k thru 2:  5 minute walk and video exercise 



    Welcome to Week Nine: February 28- March 4, 2022

    Greetings Students and Parents. Welcome to week nine of our second semester. This week we will continue our bowling unit. This week will be our performance event unit for grades 4 through 8. This performance event will consist of each student completing at least five full frames and scoring the frame in groups of four. If time permits, the game will continue until all ten frames have been completed.

    For students in grades Pre-k through 3., each grade level will continue to work on skills that will include pin set-ups from 1, 3 , and 5 pin set-ups.



    Welcome to Week Eight: February 22-25, 2022

    Greetings Students and Parents. Welcome to week eight of our second semester. This will be a four-day week as we return for the snow-day, teacher's only workday and the President's day holiday. As we return to the building, we will begin a two-week unit in Bowling. Over these two weeks, students will be introduced to the rules of the game and basic terms while practing key skills using plastic safety bowling equipment in class.

    Key terms will include:

    Frame                               Strike

    Stance                              Spare

    Approcah                         Open Frame


    Prior to the completion of the unit, students in grades 5 thru 8 will be required to complete a full ten-frame game and use a scoring card that will be provided in teams of four.

    Students in grades 3 and 4 will complete a five-frame game, while students in grades Pre-k, K, 1 and 2 will learn how to roll a ball at a number of pins that may include a larger pin.







    Welcome to Week Seven : February 13-18, 2022


    Greetings students and parents. Welcome to week seven of our second semester. This week will be a universal PE week due to special activities that will take place on Monday February 14th and no school on Friday February due to teaching staff development. On Monday our gym will be used for a special planned activity planned by the school team that includes special grade level dancing on Monday.  Our universal activities will be based on activities that students have taken part in to include:

    1. Badminton

    2. Soccer

    3. Floor Hockey

    4. Basketball

    In addition to these optional activities, all students will take part in our daily fitness warm-up walk as well as video exercising with the aid of our smart TV. 


    Welcome to Week Six : February 7- 11, 2022

    Greeting students and parents , welcome to week six of our second semester. This week we will continue of unit on Floor Hockey. During this time we will review key terms associated with floor hockey along with the key points of safety, movement with a puck or ball and holding of a stick the proper way. In addition to these skills, we will also use videos as part of our daily lessons.

    In addition to our weekly lesson, we have reached the point of student mid-term grading. In some cases, once grades come out, students may have been issued a low grade due in part to not being at school. If your students have received a low grade due to not being in attendance for any reason, I am willing to work with the students and family in completing assignments. The make-up assignments that can be given will include reports on famous people and sports and activities that we may be doing at this time. If you desire to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact me as soon as possible about the make-up activities.






    Welcome to Week Five January 31-February 4, 2022

    Greetings Students and Parents. Welcome to week five of our second semester. This week we will start a two-week unit on Floor Hockey. Over this time, we will be introduced to key terms used in the game. In addition to key terms, we will also be introduced to key skills that include:

    1. How to hold a Hockey Stick

    2. The proper Hockey Stance

    3. How to strike or hit a ball or puck

    4. How to pass to another player

    In addition to these skills, students will view a video to support what is being introduced in class.  As a reminder to all students and parents. It is of the utmost importance that we continue to practice safe and proper standards regarding hand washing,  wearing of masks and keeping some type of distance when time permits. As a daily practice, hand sanitizing will continue as students enter and leave the gym each class period. 





    Welcome to Week Four Semester Four: January 24-28, 2022

    Greetings Students and Parents: Welcome to week four of our semester. This week we will continue with our third focused Fitness cycle training week. On a safety note, please encourage your students to make sure that they keep their masks on during class time. I do provide extra masks if needed and do have special areas if they get too winded. 

    Please refer to the past two weeks for the cycle activities that we will cover. We may also add a special sand weight day to introduce them to the use of sand weights for the upper grade levels.


    Welcome to Semester Two Week Three January 18-21,2022

    Greetings parents and students: Welcome to week three of our second semester. This week , we will continue our 30 minute Cycle Training unit. We will continue with the same activities from last week. After a five minute walk, students will get into small groups to complete each station. Students will complete a task at each station for 3 to 5 minutes before moving to a different station.


    1. Five minute Class walk

    Station One: Jump Rope

    Station Two: Ladder Training

    Station Three: Small Hurdles

    Sration Four: Floor Stretching (students will use small class mats at this station. All mats will be cleaned afetr student use with cleaning items provided during class for extra cleaning)



    Welcome to Semester two Weel Two January 10-14, 2022


    Greetings Students and Parents. Welcome to the second week of semester two. This week we will strat a three week conditioning unit that will be Titles 30 minutes of fitness. The purpose of this activity will be to have our students move for 30 minutes of our 50 minute class period. During the 30 minute period students will take park in Six(6), Five(5) minute cycle traning stations the will include:

    1. Five minute Warm Up Walk

    2. 5 minute class Exercise Station (This station, students will do grade level exercise that are a part of daily warm up) See grade level Teams page for exercises that will be done)

    3. 5 minute Jump rope Skills

    4. 5 minute ladder skills

    5.  5 minute stretching 

    6. 5 minute small hurdles 


    Please note during several of the exercises and stretching stations small mats will be used. Students will be asked and shown how to use wips to be used afetr they finish theire workout. At the end of the 30 minute period, students will be able to take part in  open play activities or contimue useing equipment that will be assigned to each of them for the day.  In the evnt that we are required to have classes on line special videos will be posted that will help support any of these activities .







    Welcome Back for Semester Two Weel One January 4-7, 2022

    Greetings Students and Parents. Welcome to our second semester of the 2021-22 School Year. it is my hope that everyone has had a great winter break and you are ready to return  for the second semester. this semester we will have Theme Based month with special dispays posted in our gym. This month , we will focus on the Theme "Welcome Back! Let's get Fit Physically, Socially and Emotionally " Because we have a four day week we will foucus on our Universal Gym activiities as well as reviewing Class Safety tips that will haelp us to remain safe while we are at school.


    Safety Tips

    1. Sanitize Hands as we enter and leave class.

    2. Keep our mask on during all indorr class activities.

    3.Remain socially distant from class mates as much as possible.

    4.Play with items that are assigned to you during class only.

    5. Always report when you do not feel well.

    6. Rest in area assigned by your self.

    7. Play safe at All times.





    Welcome to Week Seventeen December 13- 17, 2021


    Greetings parents and Students. Welcome to week seventeen . This week Grades 5 thru 8 will take part in a Unversal Week as well as skills fitness testing. For Grades Pre-K thru 4. Students will take part in Aerobic Fitness Activities. These activities will include use of the Aerobic Balls, Pool Noodles and Viedos supporting movement.


    Welcome to Week Sixteen December 6-10, 2021

    Welcome to week sixteen . This week we will cover our last week of formal Basketball instruction. We will taking part in drill stations that will include:


    2. Shooting

    3. Pass and Shot

    4. Free Throws


    In addition to drills. if it is warm outside we may take part in outdoor activities which will include:

    1. Track jogging and walking

    2. Playground games to include Four square, Hopsctoch and kickball.


    Have a great week and remember to drink water!!!



    Welocome to Week Fifteen  November 29-December 3, 2021

    Welcome back from our Thanksgiving break. This week we will continue our unit on Basketball. Over this week lesson we will cover the following in the area of shooting.

    1. Stance

    2. how o hold a ball

    3. Lay Up Shot

    4. Set and Jump Shooting


    In addition to Basketball skills I am happy to announce that upgrades have been made to our playground which include a walking track diagrham, hop scotch, Twister, four square and more. This weeks weather forcast may allow us to go outside during class. When and if this is the case we will take advantage of any postivite weather days. To this end , please make sure that students dress with jackets and long sleeeve shirts .  In addition to these efforts we are still working through the increase of water for all of our students. Please encourage your student to drink more waterwhen possible and with meals.


    Welcome to Week Thirteen November 15- 19, 2021


    Welcome to week thirteen of the 2021- 22 school year. This is a full week and the last week before we are out for Thanksgiving Break. I am happy to announce that the playground will be ioen for recess beginning this week. We are also happy to announce that the painting has been completed and we now have lines for our walking track along with new payground activities that will keep our students moving. If weather permit will will explore the playground also during class time.  This weeks u it will begin our Basketball unit. During our unit which may last up to three weeks,, we will cover basic skills to include 

    1. Dribbling

    2. Basketball Stance

    3.Two  Handed Passing

    4. Shooting position



    Welcome to Week Twelve November 8-10, 2021


    Welcome to week twelve of the 2021-22 school year. This will be a three day week for out students with Thursday being Veterans Day and Friday being a teacher Professional Development Day. In addition to these additional days off for our students. Mid quarter grades will be submitted on Wednesday. As it relates to activities for this week, we will have a Universal Activity Week. During this week our students will practice and participate in activities that we have been taking part from the beginning of the year up to now. Activites will allow students to play the following:

    1. Badminton                        4. Open play Basketball

    2. Jump Rope skills

    3. Soccer

    Lower grades Pre-k thru 3 will also use  Bounce Balls, Scooters and introduction to Hopschotch. Lastly we are happy to report the the upgrade to our play ground area is coming along. Some of the current design includes a walking track area, Four Square design area as well as hopscotch sections. We also encourage students to continue their water intake when time permits. Let's a great week and stay safe.


    Welcome to Weel Eleven November 1-5, 2021


    Welcome to week eleven. This with being in will be the second week of Jump rope skills . We will also be attempting to complete the PACER Conditioning test for grades 4 thru 8. I am happy to report that painting on oue playground has started and with good weather this week it will continue. In addition to our skills unit, please encourage your students to add water during their daily diet by drinking when they have breaks and during lunch. Please note that water bottles were supplied to all students for use at school. 


    Week Ten October 25-29, 2021

    Welocme to week ten of the 2021-22 school year. This week we will start a new two week unit of improving fitness levels with the use of jump ropes , walking and more. Students in grade 3 through 8 will also take part in completing a PACER Conditioning Test. This week I am also happy to announce that painting will begin on our play ground. With this project, our outdoor track lines will be repainted. In addition to track lines. several fitness game areas will also be added to include a Four Square area. As this project continues I will provide additonal updates.


    Week Nine October 16-22, 2021

    Welcome to week Nine of our 2021-22 school year. this will be our second week of soccer skills.In addition to our soccer unit. Please remember that this is another four day week with our students being off of school on Friday October 22,2021. Please remenber our special school wide health program focused on water intake. Our Operation Hydration Project encourages students and staff to drink more water during the course of the school day. The school has provided our students with a water bottle and we hope that they will use them. This wis also parent teacher conference week of which you will have the opportunity to speak with you students regarding your childs progress. Conference time hours will begin after our regular school time. If you desire to speak with me please contact the school and I will make arrangements to speak with you.


    Week Eight October 11-15, 2021


    Welcome to week eight of the 2021-22 school year. This will be a four day week withstudents being off on Friday October 15, 2021. This week we will start a two week unit on soccer. This week will include passing, dribbling and shooting a soccer ball into a net. In addition to the new unit all students and parents are reminded of our special water project "Operation Hydration" This special project promotes drining water at meals and additonal times during the school day and while at home.



    Week Seven October 4-8, 2021


    Welcome to week seven of the 2021-22 school year. This week marks a special time in the school year as we are happy to announce the start of two special programs of whcih we hope will help promote a healthy life experiance by increasing the amount of water for students and staff with the addition of the Operation Mission Hydration H2O Project. Ths special program will provide all grades with water bottles for use during lunch time as well as special times set by your students teacher. In addition to the water bottles , students will also have water provided during lunch as a drink option. The program will run for the remainder of the school year. All parents are asked to speak with your students about drinking water not only while at school but at home as well.


    In addition to the Operation Hydration Project, we are also involved in the AIMS Fitness Progaram in slected classrooms. The classes that will piolt this project are Grades 1, 2, 3 and 8. The purpose of this project is to provided additional physical fitness type activites that students can do even while in their regular class. This porject is apart of the Healthy School Community Grant that the school was selected to be a part of. Activities include Fitness Balance Board, Bike Peddlers , Fitness mats and exercise dice, and Fitness Bans. If addition equipment becomes avaliable, more classes will have the opportunity to become a part of the program.


    This weeks lesson focus will remain on the introduction of Badminton to our students. Upper grades beginning at Grade 3 will use the regular Badminton Equipment while grades Pre-K thru Grade 2 will use Balloons and Swiming Pool noodles to work on still dvelopment while having fun.


    Week Six September 27- October 1, 2021


    Welcome to week six of the 2021-22 school year. This week we will start a two week unit on Badminton. During this time we will some of the following key areas:

    • Grip
    • Stance
    • Serve
    • Safety

    For Grades Pre-K and K will be starting with Balloons and Pool Noodles. Our Grade One students will also start with Balloons and Racket.  Our remaing grades will use Rackets and all other equipment associated with the game.


    Week Five September 20-24, 2021

    Welcome to week five of the school year. This will continue to work to complete our physical fitness unit. In addition to the fitness unit we are working with our Cafeteria Staff to provide water as an option with lunch. In addition to the water meal option we are working with one of our community patrners from BJC and The Little Bits Foundation to provide Water Bottles for each student. We will be working with all of our teachers this week to make sure that all of our students . If your child does note have a waqter bottle please have them let their teacher know. 


    Our Fitness area will include

    •  Shuttle Run
    • Pacer Run Testing
    • Max Out Jumping Jacks (1 Minute)
    • Max Out Toe Stomach Skies (1 minute)
    • Max Out Alternating Toe Touches
    • 10 minute Walk Run Grades 3 to 8
    • 5 minute Walk Run Grades Pre-K- 2



    Week Four September 13-17, 2021

    Welcome to week four of the school year. This week will be Physical Fitness testing in all classes as stated in last weeks message. The areas to be tested are:

    • Shuttle Run
    • PACER Run Testing
    • Max Out Jumping Jacks (1 minute Time)
    • Max Out Toe Stomach Skies (1 minute Time)
    • Max Out Alternating Toe Touches (1 minute Time)


    Pleaes stay tune for additional activities that may include additonal water bottles for students to promote drinking of water on a daily bases.




    Week Three September 7-10, 2021

    Welcome Parents and students. Welcome to week three.  During this week and for the next three weeks our class will consist of fitness testing inorder to see where each student may be in the area of fitness. The following areas will be tested over this time.

    • Shuttle Run
    • Pacer Testing
    • Times Calisthenics in the area of Jumping Jacks, Toe Stomach Sky's and Alternation Toe Touches . Each area will be timed for one minute.

    In addition to testing for fitness levels. I am happy to announce that all classes have been provided with a recess equipment bag which will allow students to have items use use during their recess periods. These items include (1) Football, Basketball, Soccer ball,kickball, Frisbee. (3) jump ropes and a bottle of hand Sanitizer.


    Week One and Two : August 23-September 3, 2021

    Welcome Parents and Students. Over the course of the first two weeks, we will take part in getting to know each other for our new students as reuniting with our students who are returninf for yet another year.  Some of the activities during class time will include:

    • Daily Safety Prectices to include , Hand Cleaning, Wearing Mask, proper Social Distance and more
    • All students are being asked to wear or bring tennis shoes  for class 
    • Proper entering and leaving class area
    • Review of key school safty rules drills for fire, tornado, and intruder into the building
    • Review of daily participation requirements
    • How to have fun during gym and how activities can be played at home with family and friends.