• Week Eight Quarter Four  May 10-14, 2021

    Greetings students and parents. Welcome to week eight of the fourth quarter. Parents those of you who's students are in attendance, please make sure that your students wear tennis shoes on days that they have P.E. class. For this upcoming week, we will continue in Track and Field activities that will include the Long Jump, Shftball throw and Relay Handoffs. Please take time to review the P.E. Channel to for each  grade. When doing so you will find a power pont, weekly lesson and videos over the areas. If you have questions please feel free to contact me when time permits.


    Week Seventeen Semester Two Week Seven Quarter Four May 3-7, 2021

    Greetings Studennts and parents. Welcome to Week Seven of the fourth Quarter. Parents i am asking that students be prepaired to wear tennis shoes each day of P.E. for the remainder of the school year as well be taking part in outside activities . For the next two weeks we will be taking part in Track and Field activities that will require running, jumping and hpoing. As a result it is important that we work to keep students feet protected . Please remember to view your students P.E. Chanel that is posted on the grade level teams page of your students. It is my hope that students will share what they are doing with you and I encourage you to ask questions regarding our class activities.



    Week Sixteen Semester Two Week Six Quarter Four April 26-30, 2021

    Greeting Students and Parents. Welcome to Week Six of the Fourth quarter of the school year. Parents as our weather continues to warm up , I am asking that students wear Tennis shoes as we will be going outide to walk and run as a parrt of Physical Educatio. This week will will be introducing Golf to our students and it is my hope that sudents will enjoy and willing to try. Pleaes remebr to review lessons that are posted on my P.E. Channel for each class room from grades Pre-K through 8.


    Week fifthteen Semester Two Week Five Quarter Four April 19-23-2021

    Greeting Students and Parents. Welcome to week five of the fourth and final quarter of the school year.  Parents, I want to thank each and every one of you for allowing your students to make donations to this year All School Fundraiser in support of the American Heart Association and the Kids Heart Challenge. Over the past two weeks our students raised over $250.00 dollars which will be donated within the next few days once the official dollar amount has been confirmed. This week we will start our rhythmic activity that will involve a ball, close basket or box and at least two paper towel rools , drum sticks or pool noodles if you have them. Please review my P.E. Chanel link which will provide videos for this activity.


    Week Fourteen Semester Two April 5-9, 2021

    Greetings Students and parents. Welcome to week fourteen of our second semester and the third week of the fourth quarter, Starting this week amnd for the next two weeks we will be taking part in a special community service event in support of the American Heart Association . This event will allow for each students to make up to a $2.00 dollar donation over the two week period in the form of penny's nickles, dimes, quarters or dollar bills. The offical fundraiser will start April 5, 2021 through April 16, 2021. All students will earn and will be issued prizes over the two week period along with the special drawing based upon place finish with all students getting a nice prize. Please note the winning class will also earn a pizza party along with their prizes over the week.  For students at home, you are welcome to take part and can either use the official web site that is listed on the offical fyler. If you desire to come to the building please contact the school to make an appointment to dropoff your donation. Please feel free to contact me via the schools main number if you have questions. Over the two week period please review the daily thdeme days that will also be taking place. For those at home if your student can have some side walk chalk, a ball that bounces and a jump rope they will be able to enjoy some of the activites along with their class mates.


    Official Heart Fit Flyer

    Week Thirteen Semester Two March 29-April 2


    Greetings Parents and Students. Welcome to weel Thirteen of our second semester and the Secon week of the Fourth Quarter. Please make special note of the Class time changes for the remainder of the School Year. Please see class meeting dates and times listed below Students at home will need at lesat two plastic water bottles , one ball and one stuffed animal to be used as part of the class activities.


    P. E. Grades 3 and 4 have been combined and will meet Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 8:50 am

    P. E Grade 7 and 8 will remain combined and will meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:00 am until 11:50 am

    P.E. Grade 2 wiil meet each Monday amd Friday from 12:00 pm until 12:50 pm 

    P. E. Grade 6 will meet Tuesday and Thursday of each weel from 11:00 am until 11:50 am

    P.E. Grade 1 will meet each Wednesday from 12:00 pm until 12:50 pm 

    P.E. Grade Kg will meet Tuesday and Thursday of each week from 12:00 pm until 12:50 pm


    Please feel free to contact me if you have questions !


    Week Twelve Semester Two March 22-26, 2021


    Spring Break Be Safe and enjoy your time off !!!


    Week Eleven Semester Two March 15-19, 2021

    Greetings Parents and students. Welcome to the weel eleven of the second semester and the start of the fourth quarter of the 2020- 2021 school year. This week we will be completing the finial week of our current fitness unit. I am asking that you encurage and have your students on line for class or in person if at all possible. For those who are at home. Please remember that you must dress as if you are coming to school which should include tennis shoes. This week I am also asking that all students trun their camars on for the required 30 minutes of virtual class . For those who have not completed the at home fitness activities this should also be done this week. Hust a reminder Parent teacher conferences will be held this week . I will be avaliable for conferences during my plan time from 7:50 am until 8:15 am, 9:25 until 11:10 am and after school from 2:00 pm until needed. Please contactbme vis the main number of the school 314-385-0546 or my P.E. page on your childs class P. E. Channels page.


    Week Ten Semester Two March 8-12, 2021

    Greetings Parents and Students. Welsom to week ten of the second semester. This week we will be taking part in fitness testing. The testing for this week will include a ten minute walk activity. Students at home will be ask to turn on their camar durign class and complete the on line video that will be posted at the same time as other students in the building will be walking. All students are being ask to wear clothing as if they are coming to school to include shoes. In addition to the walk activity. Students will also complete a one minute timed activity each over jumping Jacks and Toe Stomach Sky exexercise. Each activity will be worth 20 class points. Next week we will continue the testing with two additional activities.  A complete listing of all test can be found on my P.E. Channel page by grade.



    Week Nine Semester Two March 1-5, 2021

    Greetings Parents and Students . Welcome to week nine of the semester. For the next three weeks we will be taking part in a physical fitness unit that will require all students to maintan 30 minutes of moving. This will take place in preperation for skills test at various levels aroung walking, running, daily erercise activities such as Jumping Jacks, Toe Touches, amd others. Alternate skills test will be offered for those students who are at home to keep hem engaged in all acticities. Please review all assignemt lesson that you can find on the P.E. Channel for each grade level. Please note because of voting our class will not be in the gym on some days. It will be my effort to take students outside for class. Bcause of some weather changes, please make sure that your student dresses for the weather. 



    Coach Ferrer



    Week Eight Semester Two February 22-26

    Greetings Parents and students. We will return for the next two week to soccer. During this time we will us the new equipment that we have to learn passing and shoot . For those at home, please try to have a small ball iof possible for use. Only persons grades 5 and up are reminded of the paper basketbal quiz that is overdue for 50 point. Please complete the quiz using a peace of paper. The quiz can be found on each grade levels page for P.E. Once complete show my your quiz using your camera once we return to class. PLease make sure that you follow along and do the activities during live class. 



    Coach Ferrer


    Week Seven Semester Two February 15-19

    Greetings Parents and students. As a reminder there will  be No School on Monday February 15, 2021 because of Presidents week. Beginning Tuesday February 16, we will continuse with out unit on Badminton. For those at home, please continue to try to have items such a a balloon for use during class. For those students grade 5 and up Please reminder of the Basketball quiz that all can take for 50 points who are at home full time. Please remember that all points for the first six weeks will be carried over until the end of third quarter so it is important that you take the quiz. Quiz can be found on the page of each class Ms. Miller, Ms. Williams, Mr. Conley and Ms Wallace. 



    Caoch Ferrer


    Week Six Semester Two February 8-12

    Greetings Parents and Students. This week we will review our Badminton Unit for the second time. This will be a two week  unit were we will focus on playing the game and keeping score. For those at home please try to have a Ballon for use along with items that can be used as a racket. I also have some rackets for students to use at home. If you desire one please contact me at the school to schedule a time for pick up.


    Thanks Coach Ferrer


    Please note that there will be no classes held on Friday so enjoy the day at home!!!





    Week Four Semester Two January 25-29,2021

    Greetings Parents and Students:

    This is the start of week four of the semester. We will be returning to part two of Basketball. During the next two week period, we will cover aspects of shootung a ball to include lay ups, jump and set shots, and additional skills related to the game. For those at home , please try to have a ball of some type if possible that will bounce. In addition to a ball if you allow your children to use a small trsh can that would be helpful. Please have your child review the weeking You Tube Videos that I have posted on a weekily basis to help support what we are going over during class time.



    Coach Ferrer


    WeeK Three Semester Two January 19-22, 2021


    Greetings Parents and Students:

    This is the start of week three of the second semester. We will be taking part in the second week of Floor Hockey. We we be working on passing from one person to another. For those at home. Please try to have a brrom stick, small ball or socks or even two balled pieces of paper.

    As a reminder, all students are to remain live for 30 minutes. We will also continue to work on stretching along with skill in the gane of floor hocket. Pleaes remain safe at all time wheich will enclude wearing a mask at all time. Lastly all students and staff should allow for 30 minutes of instruction and 20 minutes of hands on alctvity.






    Week Two Semester Two  January11-15, 2021

    Greetings Paents and Students:

    This is the start of week two of the Second Semester . We will be taking part in the introduction of Floor hockey and a follow up on Cup Stacking from last week. For those at home please remember a number of activities are posted on the P.E. Page for your grade level. For those at home if it is possible you may use a broom stick for a hockey stick and if you do not have a small  ball please use socks rolled up or a small stuffed animal. This will be a two week unit as we will also visit Cup Stacking activities. If possible plase have cups standing by for a skills activity. 

    Please also be reminded that all students are required to be live for 30 minutes to earn credit the remaing 20 minutes can be used to view posted videos that I have posted.

    This semester we will also focus on the mind and body by usibf stretching and breathing exercises as part of class when we meet.

    Please note that most of the activities posted can be found on You-tube and other Physical Education pages via goggle.


    Thanks for you support



    Week Ten November 2-6 2020

    Greetings Parents. Just a reminder that there will be NO School on Tuesday November due to National and Local Voting. Please be sure to vote!!

    1. This week our students will take part in extended phitness activities that will include Rope jumping, The Shuttle Run and the Pacer Run. Time will be taken to introduce all students to how to perform these skills.

    2. Rope Jumping: Each student will be given and sized for a rope to use. 

    3. Students will review videos and will practice to try to master the skill.

    4. As a reminder all students will be required to wear their mask during P.E. Class. There are special locations for students to rest and mask removal when needed.



    Parent Teacher Conference Calls October 28 and 29, 2020

    Greeting Parents:

    On Wendesyad and Thursday October 28 and 29, 2020 has been designated as Parent Taecher Conference Call Day's. In the event that you would like to reach me I am avaliable after school from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm on My P.E. Channel of your students homeroom teachers team. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.


    Week Nine October 26-30, 2020 Introduction to Soccer Week Three

    1. All grades return to the building this week. for those students who are remaining home, on line instruction during assigned class periods will still take place. Please see class teams page for start time .


    2. Pleaes review with your students my safety Class expectations regaing what will be asked of students when entering class. 

        A. All students will be asked to clean hand when they enter and leave the class.

        b. Each student will be provided their own items and equipment for class.

        c. All students will be required to wear their face mask during class when class is inside.

         d, Special seating will be provided for students who need to rest


    3. This will be the third and finial week for our introduction to soccer unit. Please review viedos for support instruction as needed





    Week Eight October 19-23, 2020 Introduction to Soccer Week Two

    1. This week we welcome back to the building Grades Pre- K thu 2

    2. Please review the Class Safety Expectations that we will take part in each day

        A. All students will clean their hands when they enter and leave the class

        b. All students will be asked to wear their face mask during class unless we are outside.

        c. All students will practice social distance at all time.

        d. Each student will be provided their own item to use durung class

        e. Special seating will be provided for rest periods during class

    3. This will be our second week of soccor.

    4. Please review all posted videos for additional information on what is being taught.



    Week Seven October 12-16  Introduction to Soccer

    1. Student should have a medium size ball for the class along with two to four plastic bottles from the bowling unit if possible.

    2. This will be a two week unit that could be extended if needed and student interest

    3. Students and parents are being asked to review all videos and instructional materals if desired to learn more about soccer

    4. Additional videos about the game of soccer to include drill can be found on You Tube 


    Week Six October 5-9 Ballon Badminton

    1. Students should have at least one or two Ballons if possible

    2. Please review How to make a Badminton Racket for supplies and how to complete the task. 

    3. Students should review additional videos during free time for enjoyment from P.E Class Channel

    4. Parents and Students Please review the Book Flyer for the Mobel Book Fair if you are interested.


     Week Five  September 28-October 2 Bowling Week Three


    1. This is the third and finial week of At Home Bowling

    2. Students in Grades 5 ,6,7 and 8 are to Complete three ten frame game using score sheet provided.

    3. After Completing the three games students are to screen shot their sheet and post. Assignment is worth 100 points

    4. Students in Grade 4 are to complete two games


    Week Four September 21-25, 2020


    Introduction to Bowling Week Two:


    1. Mr. Ferrer will review power point and key terms after 5 minute Warm Up

    2. Mr Ferrer will doministrate bowling skills using 5 to 10 pin set up

    3. Students will be asked to practice knocking don pins at 5 to 10 pin set up

    4. students will take part in in class workout videos

    5. All students will be introduced to Class workout Video Listing for Free and At Home time



    Week Three September 14-18,2020

    New Class Unit: Introduction to Bowling

     1 Mr. Ferrer will instruct students to start with short warm up activity.

     2.Mr. Ferrer will provide Overview of Bowling using Power Point

     3.Mr. Ferrer will review Key Vocabruary for the Unit

     4. Mr. Ferrer will review Supplies needed for the Unit

     5. Students will be given instructions on how to set up a line in there own space

     6. Mr. Ferrer will provide demonstration of grip, stance, approch and rolling of the ball used

     7. Students will have the opportunity practice stance, grip and rolling

     8. Students will review posted viedos each pay in upport of instruction and allowed to practice with one through 5 pins for week one.




    Week One and Week Two Activities  August 31-September 11, 2020

     1.Mr. Ferrer will introduce himself to all students

     2. Students will be asked to introduce themselves and tell what they like about Physical Education

     3. Mr. Ferrer will review Power Point with all students which include rules and daily task

     4. Mr. Ferrer will review Daily Warm Up Activity and Daily Exercise requirements by each Grade .

     5. Students will be sked to parctice along if possible as practice .

     6. For Open play activity for the remainder of the period. Student will be wasked to go to Youtube.com. Once there go to P.E. At home site. Once there view and try to complete activities if you have the equipment. Video can be found in Video activties on Web Page. View the following links for the week and perform each activity at least once per day

    Activity One Ba Skee Ball

    Activity Two Baloon Bop

    Activity Three Cup Challenge

    Activity Four Basket Toss

    Activity Five Activity Day Five Hoop Bounce

    At Home P. E Supply List:  At Home P.E. Supply List