• In our Pre-Kindergarten classroom we employ a variety of strategies and techniques to ensure all the students in the class are safe, on task, and consistently learning  throughout the day.


    All students in our class begin on green ‘Ready to Learn’. Throughout the day students will move their clips up and down the behavior chart. The students will move their clips according to whether they meet classroom expectations or not. At the end of the day the students will record their behavior on their Monthly Behavior Calendar. Students who receive greens or above throughout the week will have access out Weekly Prize Box. Students who remain on green or above throughout the whole month will have access to the Monthly Prize Box.


    All students will receive a (MBC) at the beginning of the month. The calendar will have announcements, important dates, homework information, and behavior information. The MBC will go home each night in the students blue folder and come back to school the following day. Each night a parent or guardian will read and initial the MBC in the space provided to the right of the calendar.


    Our class uses an app called Class Dojo for positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviors at school. Each time students are meeting classroom expectation they will receive points on Class Dojo. Parents can access Class Dojo account to see how their child is doing throughout the day, as well as communicate with me.  Points are rewarded for

    • Being on time
    • Coming to school prepared
    • Wearing your uniform
    • Being on task
    • Being respectful
    • Being responsible
    • Being safe
    • Wearing a mask properly
    • Being a good friend
    • Having a listening body
    • Being a leader