• Hello students, welcome to Hybrid Learning 2020-2021 

    We will be learning together about health and staying active with physical education through our Hybrid P.E. class.  This will look a little different than you are use to.

    Everything that you will need to know about our P.E. classroom will be posted on our Physical Education Teams Page as well as the Walbridge School teacher website. 

    Yes! You are required to attend and I will be taking attendance. 

    We will meet a few times per week for a live in person instruction (Synchronous Work) as well as some independent work, done on your own time (Asynchronous Work) during our P.E. class hour.  When we are online during class we will be able to join in conversation, view each other during live sessions and keep track of who is logged in and out during our time. 

    Please be prepared and ready to do physical education activities at home and school.