• Virtual Classroom Management Plan/Incentives

    Mrs. Cornman



    Core Rules:

    • Show Self-Control
    • Stay on task
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
    • Try your best


    Discipline Hierarchy:

    • First Occurrence: Warning/Redirect Behavior
    • Second Occurrence: Teacher Conference
    • Third Occurrence: Loss of special Privileges (kahoot, go noodle video, etc.)
    • Fourth Occurrence: Parent Phone Call/Parent Conference
    • Fifth Occurrence: Referral-Counselor/Office

    Students will receive incentives for following school and classroom rules. The following incentives will be provided as a means to reinforce positive behaviors.


    • Students will receive one DoJo points for the following areas: on-task, working hard, participating in class discussions, completing assignments, cooperation with team work, persistence, responsibility, and being respectful to adults and peers.


    Behaviors Rewarded:

    • On task, working hard, participating, persistence, responsibility, and being respectful
    • Positive phone call or message to a parent
    • Virtual high-fives
    • Positive praise
    • Students have at least 15 points each Friday will participate in one of the following:
    • Virtual Field Trip
    • Virtual Scavenger Hunt
    • Show and tell
    • Class game
    • Snack day