• Social and Emotional Learning Activities 

    Try out some of these social and emotional learning activities:


    #1.  Emotions YOGA

    • Take some time out to try some yoga! It helps to calm your body and mind. 


     Yoga for Kids: Garden Themed Yoga Complete With Printable Poster

    #2.  Sample Activities/Brain Breaks for At Home Learning



    #3.  "I Spy" Grounding Activity (can use a video or graphic)

    • Complete on your own.
      • 5 items you see
      • 4 items you hear
      • 3 items you feel
      • 2 items you smell
      • 1 item you taste


    #4. Positive Self-Talk 

    • Pick one-two sentences and say them out loud. Try adding some other affirmations to remind yourself of how special you are daily.


    101 Positive Affirmations for Kids - The Pathway 2 Success