• Instructional Resources: Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a very broad field which affects our modern life each day. Individuals trained in this field typically have a college or trade school degree. The military offers some assistance in this area as well. This pathway tries to introduce high school students to opportunities after their secondary education has been completed.

    Electrical or electronic engineers are employed by employers such as the Power Generation and Transmission (Ameren), Defense Contractors (Boeing, World Wide Technology, Leonado), Health (Barns, SSM & their Contractors), Communication ( Fiber Optics,  Satellite Communication, Wireless Communication), Consumer Electronics ( Samsung, GE), Agriculture and Water Resources, Instrumentation (Test and Measurement Equipment, Oil & Gas (Refinary, Pipelines), Transportation (Government, Electric Vehicles, Aircraft and Trains), Entertainment ( Music & Live Presentation), Robotics and the Chemical Industry (Sigma, Fisher Scientific) and more. Professional organizations in this field include the "IEEE" which stands for "The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers" and the "ETA" which means "The Electrical Technician Association". Please also see links below. Thank you.

    1) Electrical Engineering at St. Louis University   2)Institute of Electrical ad Electronic Engineers  3) The Boeing Corporation   4)Leonardo Defense Corporation

    5)Motoman Industrial Robots   6) The Ameren Energy Corporation