• Assistant Principal Updates

    ** While the views expressed on the websites referred to in the videos and linked on this update page represent only the views of the website authors themselves, I'm sharing these websites because I've found helpful information on them, and I hope you do as well.


    2020-21 School Year:

    May 2021 Update: Thank you for all you have done this school year, Goldbug family!

     May update


    April 2021 Update: MAP testing, plus local virtual resources

    April 2021

    Resource from the above video: Virtual St. Louis Experiences from Explore St. Louis


    March 2021 Update: Welcome to the 4th quarter!

    Week 29 update


    February 2021 Update: McKinley's Black History Month Spirit Week, NJHS Sock and Mask Drive, plus concurrent learning tips

     February 2021 Video Update


    January 2021 Update: Welcome to 2021 and the 3rd quarter!

    January 2021 Update


    December 2020 Update: Thank you for the semester + enrichment resources for families

     December update

    Resources from the above video:


    Mid-2nd-Quarter Update: Shout outs + an online resource


    Articles from the above video:


    Mid-1st-Quarter Update: Thank you + 2 online resources for families

     Week 04

    Articles from the above video:


    Week 0 Video Update: Welcome!

     Welcome Video