Maintaining a positive classroom climate through proper management and practical instruction is the responsibility of all teachers. Teachers are expected to establish, post, and share classroom expectations and procedures with their students. When students do not attend to the expectations of the classrooms, teachers are to apply their behavior system steps. Additionally, do not stand students in the hallway unattended. If a student needs to be removed from the classroom, contact the security office for assistance.



    Consistently and efficiently managing behavior in our classroom and learning space is essential to maintaining an environment that is conducive to learning. Below outlines RHS’s collective behavior managing system in terms of what to do when a classroom/learning space expectation is broken or not followed.

    1. Redirection with a high level of sensitivity:
      •  Examples include proximity, expectation reminders, and warnings
    1. Isolation of Behavior/Detach from Behavior:
      • Ignore the problem behavior temporarily, giving the student time to adjust (behavior, attitude, mindset, etc.)
    2. Individual Student Conference/Reflection Sheet:
      • Examples include student dependent based upon needs
    3. Institute a Change:
      • Examples include seat (or Group) Change, Buddy Room, Intervention (Charting, “Tactile”)
    4. Contact Call:
      •  Examples include Parent/Guardian/Coach/Mentor/Social Worker/Counselor                 


    • Disciplinarian Contact-with Resolution “Referral Process” (student discipline checklist)



    Below outlines the process of referring a student to a disciplinarian. Although the process is appropriate for most of the instances in which students are involved for behavior issues, we understand that there are times when they are not, and alternative actions are needed:

    • Call the front Security Console at ext. 46100 to have an officer escort the student to a disciplinarian
    • Email details of the incident to the Dean, copy and  paste the narrative into the Contact Log in SIS
    • Make time to conference with Dean and student in person or via phone promptly after the incident.
    • Consequences are decided and implemented by the disciplinary team



    No staff member may use corporal punishment to discipline a student.  Every attempt should be made to refrain from physically handling any student.  When physical restraint is required for the safety of other students and/or staff, or self-defense, see district policy (P5144.1).



    ISS is an integral part of the educational process and will assist in correcting behavior while meeting students’ academic, social, and emotional needs. Teachers will be notified via email and required to submit assignments that cover the duration of the student’s stay in ISS.  The ISS instructor will monitor and collect duties and place them in teacher’s mailboxes at the end of each day.