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    S.T.A.R. Calming Technique




    Shades of Black: A Celebration of Our Children

    I Am Me 



    1) Before doing this activity, be sure to listen to the read aloud, I Am Me. After you listen to the story, talk with your family about your features and who you think you get them from (ex. you have your mom's eyes or your dad's nose).

    2) Create something with your PlayDoh.

    3) Shaving Cream Writing-squirt some shaving cream on a table. Use your finger to write letters, numbers, shapes or draw pictures.

    4) Make a card for someone special and send it to them.

    5) Play Red Light/Green Light-You stand at one end of the room, backyard, etc. The grown up with you stands at the other end. When the grown up says 'green light', you go. When the grown up says 'red light', you stop.


Last Modified on September 20, 2020