• “Virtual Activity Fair” hosted by Metro students. This will give you an idea of the clubs and after school activities that occur at Metro.  Virtual Activity Fair Video

    Metro Clubs and Activity Organizations

    Book Club

    Knitting club

    Story Club

    Gardening Club

    Poetry Club

    Black Student Union

    Harry Potter Club


    Environmental Club

    Cinematography Club

    Math Club

    Gay-Straight Alliance

    Nerd Club

    Metro Student News

    Safe Space

    Metro Mix (dancing)

    Melodrama (singing)

    Vogue (modeling)

    Metro Step

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Aquarium Club

    American Sign Language Club (ASL)

    Model Un

    Student Council

    Gateway Robotics

    French Club

    Yearbook Club

    Metro Women’s association

    Science club

    Cooking club


    Clubs are sponsored by staff, but run by our students. Students can begin a new club if they have five member and a staff member.