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  • Transforming with Technology - Reimagining Education 

    As we move forward in a completely reimagined educational landscape our focus is transitioning from: how to use technology, to how to use technology to transform learning. Transformational learning promotes student agency in the classroom by empowering students to leverage technology to take an active role in their own learning. Transforming with technology requires the use of interactive and innovative technology software to design authentic 21st century learning experiences and focuses on the pedagogical shift of utilizing technology to transform learning rather than substituting traditional content onto a digital platform. Click here to access the full presentation: Transforming with Technology.

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  • Understanding Technology Integration

    The 2020 Edutopia article, A Powerful Model for Understanding Good Tech Integration (Youki Terada) outlines four tiers of online learning in order of their sophistication and transformative power: substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition (known as the SAMR model). When switching to an online format, teachers often focus on the first two levels, which involve replacing traditional materials with digital ones: converting lessons and worksheets into PDFs and posting them online, or recording lectures on video and making them available for asynchronous learning. 

    In classrooms that are integrating mastery level technology - modification and redefinition - students are creators and publishers of their own work across multiple forms of media. “Learning is fundamentally transformed at the “redefinition” level, enabling activities that were previously impossible in the classroom.”

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