• Please check the ASSIGNMENTS tab on Teams. The app is on the district's iPads.

    Also, check the Independent Work channel on our Teams site. 🙂  

    To get to the Independent Work channel 🏡:

    1.) Go to the Teams app on your child's iPad.

    2.) Go to our Teams page: Mrs. Platts~Kindergarten 2021-2022.

    3.) Click the Independent Work Channel. 🏡

    *Your iPad might have hidden channels.  If you do not see this channel please click the hidden channels for more options.

    4.) Click on posts and view the most recent activity.

    5.) The work should be completed during school hours, preferably, when we are learning virtually.


    Activities and Assignments might also be posted on our Class DoJo site.



  • Your child has access to these learning sites:

    Login codes to these sites have been shared with you, as a paper copy or pdf, via work folders and in Class DoJo Portfolios.                          You need this paper copy for the QR codes and login passwords for our learning sites.  Please keep this page in a safe place.🙂