• Please check the Independent Work Channel on our Teams site by clicking the underlined link. 🙂


    To get to the Independent Work Channel 🏡:

    1.)  Go to the Teams App on your child's iPad.

    2.) Go to Our Team page (Mrs. Platts' Class 112) by clicking the link above.

    3.) Click the Independent Work Channel. 🏡

       *Your iPad might have hidden channels.  If you do not see this channel please click the hidden channels for more options.

    4.) Click on posts.

    5.) A post will be made daily with all assignments listed.  The work should be completed during school hours (8:40-3:00) when we are not online together.



  • Your child has access to these learning sites, for pratice:

    Login codes to these sites have been shared with you, as a paper copy or pdf, via work packets and email. 

    You need this paper copy for the QR codes.  Please keep this page in a safe place.