iPad DistributioniPads have been distributed! Internet is BUILT IN to the iPads this year thanks to Verizon so there is no need for a hot spot! 

    IMPORTANT -  In order for students to take their iPads home, parents/guardians MUST sign both the Yeatman/SLPS iPad Contract AND the VILS (Verizon) Contract.  This can be done by coming in to the school or (for health & safety reasons) by using the links below.  ALSO, All technology from last year must be turned in and/or fees from last year must be paid or a payment plan has to be started.  Please check your email from the district to see if you owe any fees.  You can also call the school to find out!  You can bring in $10 to initiate a payment plan and then call 345-5656 to check your payment options!

    IMPORTANT - If you want your child to BRING HOME their iPad, do NOT click the box that says you wish to opt out of the technology to be brought home.  If that box is selected, the iPad will stay at the school.  If you accidently turned in a contract that had the box checked that said to keep the iPad at school, but you would like to change it, simply fill out a new contract and that will take the place of the old one.

    Correct Check

    Yeatman SLPS iPad Contract         VILS (Verizon) Contract

    If you are using your phone or a tablet, be sure to click the "Sign With Mobile Browser" link at the bottom.

    Sign With Mobile Browser

    REMINDER: If you are having any trouble opening or filling out the online contracts, feel free to stop in at the school to sign them here!  We can also provide a paper copy to fill out, but please note that an online version MUST be filled in at some point!  Thanks!


    If you have any technology that STILL needs to be returned or have any tech questions, please contact the SLPS Tech. Help Desk @ 314-345-5656