• Dear Stix Families,


    Welcome to School Year 2021/2022!  This year our theme is, "Healthy Habits Build Strong Character!" As a school, we will be focusing on what healthy habits we can start doing, or continue to do, that will help us grow and learn to our full potential. As a family, you may want to pick up a healthy habit - taking a walk with your child after dinner, reading a story with your child to start their day, introducing your child to a new fruit or vegetable a week, practicing yoga poses with your child, etc.


    The district is providing all students with a device again this school year. Parents need to sign contracts in order for their child to receive an iPad. Please see the schedule below that indicates the day (based on grade level of students) and time (based on classroom assignment) for you to come to Stix and receive your child's iPad for the year.


    Covid Protocols

    We will all continue the healthy habit of mask wearing at school. All staff and students must wear masks in the building, with the exception of eating breakfast, lunch or snacks.  Masks on playgrounds are optional. Please discuss with your child if you want them to keep their masks on while outside, or if they have a safe place to put it (pocket, connected to a lanyard, etc.) if they take it off while outside.


    All staff and students will have a temperature check as they enter the building. To help us keep everyone safe and healthy, please do not send your child to school if they have Covid symptoms, or if they have been exposed to a person who has tested positive. If you have questions about this, please contact a health professional or the school. For contact tracing purposes, we need to know if any student is exposed to a friend or family member with Covid. Parents must make us aware if their child is exposed.


    Covid Protocols prevent parents, guardians, and visitors to enter the building. The staff and I understand that this can be difficult for some parents and/or children. We have a few ways to help.

    1. Visit the Stix website (www.slps.org/stix) and click on the Open House link. It is a power point that walks you through the building (the sound might or might not work).
    2. Teachers will be located in the technology pickup area, per schedule below. If you are not able to come at your teacher's designated time, please work directly with the teacher to determine a time that works for you, the teacher, and the technology staff. Teachers are still in district training this week, but you can leave a phone message for them or contact them using email. Our office number is 314.533.0874
    3. Teachers are starting to post welcome notes and other information on DoJo.


    Technology Distribution for Stix - please park in bus lane and enter the building through the atrium doors!

    Grade Level: PK               Date: Thursday, August 19        

    9:00 Zimmerman

    9:30 Cochran

    10:00 Walker

    10:30 Greenlee & Dalton

    11:00 Rodgers

    11:30 Tongay

    12:00 Lee

    1:00 Harris

    1:30 Seitz

    2:00 Johnson


    Grade Level: K       Date: Wednesday, August 18

    9:00 Albert

    10:00 Nabual

    10:30 Brown-Louis

    11:00 Johnson

    12:00 Sullivan

    12:30 Gillespie

    1:00 Kovac

    2:00 Smith-Jones


    Grade Level: First and Second     Date: Tuesday, August 17           

    9:00 Scott

    9:30 Vastis

    10:00 Davis

    10:30 Wanagat

    11:00 Room 204

    11:30 Andrews

    12:00 Mask

    1:00 Baltz

    1:30 Stanton 

    2:00 Lovett


    Makeup Day      Date: Friday, August 20

    Any families who missed their scheduled day can come between 9:00am – 1:00pm



    Drop-off and Pick-ups

    Our drop off procedure and pick up procedures will be a little different this year. Please make note of the following:

    1. This year, parents will need to park on the parking lot and bring their child to the appropriate door for entry into the building. Parents MAY NOT drop off students at any door nor are parents to double park for drop-off or pick-up. For safety reasons, all students being dropped off are to be escorted to their door. Doors for entry are as follows:
    2. #1 (you know this as the main entry door) is for PK students ONLY
    3. #2 (you may know this as the garden gate door) is for K students ONLY
    4. #6 (you may know this as the door we used last year for arrivals) is for 1st & 2nd grade students ONLY
    5. If you have more than one child, please use the entrance door for your youngest child.
    6. Dismissal will follow the same procedure. Parents will need to park and walk to the door assigned for their child's grade level. Staff will be assigned to the areas and will dismiss your child to you. We ask that parents observe social distancing while waiting and always wear a mask while on the parking lot or any areas around the building.

    Our parking lot is always a challenge the first day of school. If you are planning to bring your child to school, we ask that you be patient with our arrival process and procedures. Everything we do is motivated by student safety and our parking lot has limited parking spaces. We may have staff assigned to ask you to drive around the block and not block traffic on Tower Grove, if we have a lot of congestion. Please follow any directions you are given to help with traffic flow.


    If your schedule allows, we suggest following this schedule for 1st day arrivals:

    First and Second Grade students:  8:50 - 9:10

    Kindergarten: 9:10 - 9:30

    PK: 9:30 - 10:00


    Bus Information

    Bus transportation has its challenges too. We hope that all our bus routes have permanent drivers and that the buses run on time. Remember to have your child at their bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time and to remain there for at least 10 minutes after. Buses often run late the first day of school.


    While waiting for your child to return home by bus, please allow 30 minutes past their scheduled time for the first day. We do not let any of our buses leave until we are assured that everyone is on their correct bus for their pm route.  Each day gets better, and the process goes a little faster as children and adults learn everyone's routine for dismissal time!




    Dr. Diane Dymond


    Stix Early Childhood Center