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    Morning Arrival:

    Please be sure your child is at school by 9:05am so they can eat breakfast and start the day with their class.  It is very important that your child is on time for school. You can drop off your child as early as 8:50 to receive breakfast and eat in the cafeteria.

    Mask and Covid Policy:

    Masks are optional this year. If you would like your child to wear a mask during the day please have them keep clean or new disposable masks in their book bags. We will not have an excess of extra masks to handout.

    All staff and students will have a temperature check as they enter the building. To help us keep everyone safe and healthy, please do not send your child to school if they have Covid(cold or flu) symptoms. If you have questions about this, please contact a health professional or the school.

    Communication Folder: 

    Please check your child’s communication folder. Your child’s communication folder should be returned each day of school as to not miss any important information that could be communicated from the school. I am also available to communicate through the Class Dojo and via email (katherine.vastis@slps.org).



    Having your child complete their homework will help reinforce the skills and concepts that they are learning in the classroom. It is highly recommended that children participate in 20 minutes of reading activities per day outside of the classroom! Math homework will be sent home daily or every other day and reading skill practice will be sent home biweekly. Your child may receive practice that is suited for their own progress toward the standards they need to master.


    School Lunch:

    School lunch is served daily.  A lunch menu is sent home on a monthly basis.  Please feel free to pack your child a healthy lunch on days that they do not like the school’s lunch choice. Please do not send soda or bags of chips for your child.  Although food allergies are shared with me by the nurse, please let me know of your child’s allergy plan so that we can coordinate with the cafeteria as well.



    Daily Snack:

    Donated snacks are always appreciated! If you would like to send 20 snacks at the beginning of the month to share with the class, that would be appreciated. The snacks need to be low-fat, peanut and tree nut free, healthy, foods that can be eaten quickly and without much mess. No cakes, cookies, candy or brownies please. More communication in regard to snacks will be sent home in the second week of school. I will provide snacks in the first and second week of school as well as a list of suggested snacks.


    Birthdays at School:

    I do not mind small celebrations of birthdays in class.  Please do not feel obligated to provide a snack or treat on your child’s birthday. If you are going to bring cupcakes as a treat, please bring small cupcakes or treats to share. It is helpful to let me know a week in advance that you are going to be sending or bringing a treat to school for a birthday celebration. Treats will need to be brought on the bus with your student or delivered to the office.


    Changing how your child gets home from school:

    I understand that things change and that you may have to change your child’s normal afternoon transportation at times.  If this should occur, please send me a message on Dojo in the morning or call the office by 3:00 pm to report the change.  The office secretary will let me know of the change.  If I have not been informed of a change via phone call by 3:00pm, and your child decides to tell me on the way to the bus that he or she is supposed to be a car rider, it is a school policy that I must put him or her on the bus.  This is for the safety of our students! 



    School ends at 4:07 pm. All students that are car riders need to be picked up by 4:07 pm in Parent Pick-Up.  No changes the first two weeks of school.


    Volunteering in the classroom:

    Volunteers who wish to chaperone field trips and participate in classroom activities must complete the volunteer form and background check available in the main office


    Contacting me:

    I have 50-minute planning period once per day.  I will notify you of my plan time the first week of school.  Please feel free to call the office and leave me a message.  I will try my best to return your call on the same day. Email (katherine.vastis@slps.org) or Class Dojo is the best way to reach me, as I will check this a couple of times throughout the day. Please keep me updated if your contact information changes. When calling the school please ask for Room 201.


    Room 201 Expectations: The classroom community will create a list of expectations and procedures that all students, including myself, will be expected to follow throughout the school year. After the class has developed our list, I will communicate that to you, and your child will be expected to follow them every day.


    Discipline Procedures: Each child will be aware of expectations and consequences in the classroom. If a child chooses not to meet the expectation, I will follow the behavior plan as follows:

    1. Redirection and/or reminder of expectations.
    2. Move from group to calming area.
    3. Propose option to visit buddy room, walk, sensory break.
    4. Contact home if behavior persists or requires follow up.
    5. For serious incidents or injury, I will call home as well as document any incident in SIS.
Last Modified on August 10, 2022