• Family Fall Fun!

    Posted by Sierra Lindner on 10/15/2021 2:00:00 PM

    You have to love fall in St. Louis... there's just so much to do with your family, so much to look forward to!  I wait for this time all year long and get so excited when I feel that first autumn chill.  Do you have some ideas of what you want to do with your family while the weather is perfect?  And by perfect I mean warm enough to be out playing but cold enough for big comfy sweaters, boots, and scarves?  Do you need some ideas?  I got you!

    It's just not Fall without pumpkins, hayrides, trunk or treats... and there's so many places to go!

    Some favorites of mine are:

    Eckerts- they have pumpkin picking, apple picking, haunted hayrides, farm fun, a petting zoo, fall treats, you name it.

    Thies and Brookdale Farms- both have lots of fun fall activities, just check out their website!

    Boo at the Zoo- dress your kids up sans scary mask, just the healthy kind of mask, and go check out their fun, spooky decorations while chomping on yummy fall treats and saying hi to all the animals!  Doing it at night amongst their twinkling lights and fun music make it so much fun for everyone.

    Purina- always has a haunted hayloft event they do- check out their website and prepare to take your little ghouls and goblins to some farm fun!

    Butterfly House- not only has their place decorated up for their Boo!terfly event, they also host a Bug Ball complete with trick or treating, crafts, and snacks.  Preregistration is required so check it out before it's full!

    Six Flags- has fright fest which can be super fun for the older kids!  If you have a little one you used to be able to get little stickers or tags that let people know not to scare them.

    Union Station has some fun stuff happening, too, so make sure to go check it out!  You can board their spooky train, check out the haunted aquarium, and even ride the giant ferris wheel!  

    Don't forget... time at home during this season can be fun too.  You don't have to go out to have a great time with your family!  Make some chili and a homemade apple or pumpkin pie together, carve or paint a pumpkin, decorate your home, even if it's just making ghosts out of paper and trashbags to hang up everywhere (I may actually go do that tonight too.. I had already planned on the chili for this beautiful day!), catch some falling leaves make art... just enjoy being around eachother!



    Want more ideas?

    I highly recommend fun4stlkids.com and stlkidsoutandabout.  Both usually have lots of good stuff for the little ones.  If you are looking for more one night only, big events, check out the news, FB, and RFT.

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  • Laidback and Free

    Posted by Sierra Lindner on 8/20/2021

    Your kid is home for the evening or weekend and you are sooo tired!  You worked, cleaned, you adulted all day.  But you want to do something to maybe get out of the house for a minute and connect with them.  

    Some of my favorite things to take my daughter to do when all I have the energy to do is walk are:

    -The new nature playscape at forest park.  It's like a natural playground with stuff to climb on and through and even has a couple little water features.

    -Go on a easy walk around the zoo

    -Tower Grove, Forest Park, and Carondelet parks all have free concerts throughout the year.  They also have lots of pretty gardens to check out.  Take your kids kick scooter (not bike unless you feel like chasing them) and have fun.

    -Take a stroll through the Missouri Botanical Gardens during free admission Saturday mornings

    -Go fishing at carondelet

    -Sidewalk chalk. All over the city. Have them spread some cheer and you can even join in.  

    -Take a drive through Lone Elk in Fenton and take pictures of all the animals you see like a safari. Same goes for the Bird Sanctuary next to it but go on the weekend to them bc they close at 5.

    -Take a nature walk at Castlewood off 141 and let them play in the creek.

    -Let them play in the splashpad at Vago park. It's nice, laidback, open til 9, and you can take slomo videos of them on your phone for some interactive fun.

    -The city garden is nice to splash in when they open back up in September.  

    -Get artsy and enjoy the culture and art at Laumeier sculpture park by taking a walk through there. They are pet friendly too.  This is in Sunset Hills.

    -Take a nature walk and check out the lil animals and interactive displays inside at Powder Valley.

    -Take some chalk or bring some sticky googly eyes and walk around putting eyes on everything to add a touch of whimsy to the world :)

    -Just take a walk and take pics or play I spy.. sometimes it's nice to just be with eachother and not do too much else than enjoy eachother's company.


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  • Animal Adventures

    Posted by Sierra Lindner on 8/17/2021

    Maybe your kid likes ponies or lizards or even lions.. there's lots of cool places to take your kiddo to see some animal friends, most really budget friendly too!

    1. St Louis Zoo- an old standby, an old favorite. Who doesn't like the St. Louis Zoo?  It's world class and it's free!  Park on the side of the streets inside Forest Park to skip the parking fee, get an adventure pass for unlimited carousel and train rides, and enjoy! Mine and my daughter's personal favorites are the bears.. we love the polar bear and the grizzlies!  Even though it's free you do need to make a reservation online bc of Covid.

    2. St. Louis Aquarium- this is definitely a new, fun experience.  From the incredible pictures on the ceiling to the doctor fish nibbling your fingers to getting to pet sea urchins this place is crazy cool!  It's more expensive though.  Buy your tickets and make your reservation online.

    3. Big Joel's Animl Safari- It's a bit of a drive in Wright City to the West of us but it's pretty inexpensive, outdoors, and you get to pet and feed a ton of cool animals!  

    4. Critter Valley-  This is down 55 to 67 about an hour from STL.  It's pretty inexpensive and a lot like Big Joel's safari.  It's just a really nice, lowkey way to spend some family time.

    5. Grants Farm-  They have all kinds of new things going on like private tours and special events so make sure to check the website to check it all out and make a reservation.  It's a little more expensive but they usually charge by the carload and it all depends on what you do.  The clydesdales are a must see.

    6. Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary- Not super expensive but does require a reservation and they have special feeding experiences.  Check out and give some love to some retired, rehomed big cats living their best life.

    7. Endangered Wolf Center- Out past fenton on 44. Requires a reservation.  They do tours so you can see the wolves and learn a bunch, camps, special festivals and other cool things you have to just check the website to see. Moderately priced.  If you get them to howl like at a howl-o-ween night event or winter event you will never forget it.

    8. Gentle Barn- Open on Sundays.  Moderately priced.. says it's a donation but it's a ticket.  Must have a reservation.  Worth the money because you get to visit farm animals and help teach them how to love and trust again. A small drive out to Dittmer, MO.

    9. Lone Elk- Free Drive thru experience in Fenton.  You drive through a beautiful park and get to visit elk, bison, turtles, deer, geese, raccoons, turkey.  It's a hit or miss on what ones will be out but there's always something and it's so peaceful!  Remember to just look and not touch!

     10. World Bird Sanctuary- Free and right next to Lone Elk.  Visit all kinds of birds of prey like eagles and falcons and owls in their outside enclosures.  When corona is over visit the smaller animals like turtles, armadillos, bunnies, and bats outside.  They do special events like night owl prowls and bird shows too.  Those may need to be scheduled in advance.

    11. Purina Farms- visit your furry canine and feline friends and their barnyard companions in Gray Summit, MO about 45 mins from here.  Regular admission is free but special events need a reservation and may have a fee.  Call ahead to make sure no reservation needed for general free admission during Corona. Don't miss the canine show.. so cool!  

    12. Butterfly house- may need reservation during Corona and moderately priced.  Walk through a butterfly paradise and explore the garden.  Awesome playground and carousel for nominal fee next door.  Coolest gift shop, everything is so pretty in it.

    13. Suson Park- visit barn animals for free!  Enjoy the low key walk with your family


    There's a few more here and there like wildlife rescue centers and cat cafes but these have been the biggest hits in my experience!

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  • Summer Break is almost over!

    Posted by Sierra Lindner on 8/16/2021

    One more week until the kids are back to school and we all get  back to a more normal schedule.. whether or not that schedule is easier or more hectic varies from family to family. But one thing seems like a constant theme across the spectrum.. everyone wants to make the most out of the little bit of time we have left to just be together before we get back to the grind.  What to do though?  I have lots of ideas! On here I'll be posting different ideas in different categories, so maybe I can help you figure out something no matter what you like.  And remember everyone.. it doesn't have to be anything crazy or spectacular.. your kids just want to spend time with you.  Use these last few days of summer to enjoy eachother and just really appreciate the sweet company only your family can provide.  Whether you go to Disney or camping or to a theme park or fishing at a quiet lake, doing it together and sharing that moment and connecting is what they will remember.  


    P.S.  If you're short on time and living to the beat of your own drum, these ideas can be great weekend adventures, too!

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