• Challenge to Think Beyond the Textbook

    Posted by April Plyler on 8/17/2021 7:00:00 PM

    Is it funny how sometimes things fall in place just perfectly or how sometimes things occur chaotically?  How does that happen?  Life is filled with opportunities, curiosities, temptations, and tragedies.  Try to take a moment, step back, and try to view each event from a different point of view.  Realize we all look at events through our own experiences.  When you try to look through someone else's viewpoint, our judgements may change.  Are you ready to have that experience?   

    My worldview "glasses" are a deep purple.  Not only is that my favorite color, but I imagine the lenses have been colored with layers of information my many friends, family, teachers, and personal experiences have painted upon them.  I need to look at the world through the glasses of the middle school scientists who are filling my room this year.  What experiences are affecting how you view the world? 

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